To the ends of Singapore

I kind of procrastinated for this post. I went on this family trip earlier this month on the 2nd of November. I’ve been sick again these few days so I’ve to start my mornings like this:
Still better than two flu tablets a day. In bad times, I had taken 6 tablets in a span of 12 hours and nothing got better. Instead, I managed to bust my upper lip from all the blasted sneezing and shove a week’s supply of Kleenex up my nose. You see that circular tablet in the picture? That’s Vitamin C while is oval one is flex seed oil. The last two red and blue ones are multivitamins. I used to make Matrix references on them. I still do.

But yeah, for now it’s gravely recommended not to hug me. Not that it makes any difference in my life anyway.

Besides all the gel pills and chewable tablets, I have to drink another vitamin drink from a little juice packet everyday. It’s supposed to have 28 different fruits concentrated into one little 50ml sachet, complete with mangosteen pulp for added antioxidants. You know, so that I don’t get wrinkles at the age of 19.

Sarcasm aside, this daily routine hasn’t exactly been doing it’s job. I still sneeze and sniff, and I think all the sugar is making it hard for me to sleep at night. Though I can’t really be sure because I can’t sleep at night anyways. Not to mention the whole routine is kind of filling. If I wasn’t the kind that eats like a beast in the morning, I’d have settled for that as breakfast.
Back to point, here’s a picture of long roads to the checkpoint. Maybe it’s me but I’ll never understand why people love riding shotgun. All I see are roads and trees in Singapore.
And here’s a picture of the traffic jams near immigrations. People are always cutting into the queues, though it’s really up to you if you want to give way. We had to spend about 45 minutes in the queue before getting to and past immigrations. And every trip without fail, the booth guy fails to identify me from my passport.


Well, I look pretty pudgy in my passport photo so I guess so.
Alas, we finally make it to our neighbouring country. Look at the sea. Look! There’s Malaysia right there!
Then it’s back to roads. Long stretches or roads and bare land.
Halfway through, dad managed to get us lost. We’d drove through random roads and made U-turns I didn’t know were even legal or not for a good two hours before my dad decided to pull over and ask for directions. Seriously. What is with men and asking for directions?

We had to stop at 4 different petrol stations before we finally found someone who knew how to direct us to where we were heading.

Protip: How do you know you aren’t in Singapore? Not a HDB in sight.
How to tell we were obviously lost? The restaurant we were eating at was on stilts above water, by the sea and unless we were eating above a pond, none of the sceneries taken earlier matches this description.
I didn’t take pictures of the food because we were all too fungry and dug in without a second thought. I skipped breakfast (vitamins not included) for this and I only got to eat 4 hours later. Yes, please feel sorry for me.

Afterwards, we made our way back to Singapore. The journey back was much faster, since we made it a point in remembering our way back and not get lost again.

Next stop was to Chua Chu Kang, which is actually really nearby Woodlands to celebrate my cousins’ birthdays. I didn’t have much to do there because I wasn’t even informed about this celebration so I stayed for abouy half an hour before splitting the place to go hang out at my friend’s place.

In my defence, I’d told my family I was going to his house and they let me so I’m not being rude or anything.

Anyway, the whole reason why I simply had to go t0 his house was because of his mother’s cooking.

It’s the bomb.

So awesome that I would (evidently) rush back from across the boarder after a seafood lunch and a family gathering (with cake, mind you) to eat it.

Sure, I get teased alot on how I would probably get kidnapped because my kidnapper offered me a double cheeseburger meal complete with a toy to get into the rape van, BUT HEY, YOU CAN’T EAT FRIENDS, CAN YOU?

I mean, yeah, that would be counted as cannibalism but you get my point.

We watched Silent Hill Revelation 3D, one of my all time favourite movies because I’m too big a fan of Nurses and Pyramid Head. Both of them are hot as hell, pun intended, and I totally ship them.

Actually, I think they’re already cannon because there’s a cut scene in Silent Hill: Homecoming where Pyramid Head is raping a Nurse. Given, he did kill her afterwards but who knows what kind of kinky shit they go for down there, right? I actually found the gif on Tumblr but I shan’t scar you guys even more.

After the movie, my friends taught me how to play this new DC comic deck builder game and I kind of got hooked to it for a while. The only thing that could pull me away from it was his mom’s cooking.

Just to rub it in my face how boring my house really is, my friend pulls out a frigging mini pool table to try out. The attempt itself was ridiculous in itself because we were playing on a small and rather crowded table so we had to manually shift the pool table everytime we attempted to shoot from a different angle.
I had to cab home after because I was having so much fun I ended up losing track of time.

Phew, what a day, now that I’ve written about it. I would feel like I’d been productive and burned a few calories but I’d pretty much spent the entire day eating so…

We’re actually planning to organize a trip to New York after they graduate! Not me, of course, I’ll still have another semester after but I don’t care, I’m going because I haven’t been on a plane since I was 11. Plus I really want to go somewhere without family so why not?

I could even make new friends 😀
And yes, I’m still working on getting my ass off the ‘stupid’ list.



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