I’ve been on Jubeat a little too much these days. I’m stressed out and when I am, I need my Jubeat breaks.

Ah Jubeat, whatever would I do without you?

Alas, you are the only game that I can listening only to and have you drown out all my thoughts.

Cheh. Anywho, this week has been particularly rough since I’ve attempted (or actually have)to quit him. Tapping frantically away on a machine has proven to be rather effective, so I’d opted for it. So far, my rank still teeters at the ranking of a lotus and a beetle, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the therapy that counts.

On the other hand, I’ve taken quite a liking to watching my fingers move over the machine as I play. It makes me feel like I’m actually good at something.

So without further ado, here are to videos (that I’ve been keeping in my phone for far too long):

A few things I noticed: 

  • In a video, I play with two fingers seemingly stuck together and it looks really weird. At least that’s what I think. I figured that that was why I couldn’t press certain buttons fast enough so I tried to spread them out during the other songs but I got a little nervous and they stuck back together again.
  • I tap a little too fast and out of sync. Maybe that’s why my score is never past an A.
  • I dance behind the machine too much.
  • I like to molest the keys.

Alrighty, it’s late and I have tests to study for. Hopefully the next post I write will be about how hard I’ve been studying and not how much effort I put into watching myself game and trying to improve my gaming.



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