Hospital Hopping

Another post and another promise broken over writing about my study progress. Honestly, I’d love to show you guys what I’ve been up to school-related, but things haven’t been in my favor.

Unfortunate yet rather amusing to me, my family has been going through a series of hospitalisations. Nothing too serious I reckon, but hectic and tiresome nonetheless.
Earlier last week, my sister was hospitalised for slipdisc and was bed ridden for a few days. The whole family took turns to take care of her in the hospital, buying her food and snacks. I was only around for a couple days because I had school.

Good news, she was at least sitting up, though not for long, on her 5th day and was able to start kicking her husband again by the 7th.
We, as sisters, also managed to have our own fun with her class A (though I argue it to be a ‘B’) ward, taking pictures here and there. The above is captioned ‘Oh Jack, I want you to paint me like one of your French girls.’, as posted on my instagram as well.
The next member of the family to don hospital garb was darling Reina, who had some sort of virus, causing her to vomit her food everytime she coughed.

It was horrible, mainly because I almost never get to carry her (dammit, grandparents!), and these few days everytime I do, she’s a little lighter. ):
Here’s a picture of one of her more peaceful moments.

Turns out, Reina is terrified of nurses (she hasn’t seen the ones from Silent Hill yet!) and cries hysterically till she’s horse everytime she sees one. I wouldn’t blame her though, when you’re young, nurses are bad, bad things. Back then nurses only appeared for awkward health checks, shots, life shattering weigh ins and to make an attempt to drain you dry of your blood.

In short, I’ll never be a nurse because little children would hate me and I don’t need a worse reputation.
Back with my sister, she was finally mobile (on wheelchair) to roam around for dinner. We, if not just my brother in law, discovered that there isn’t one unhealthy thing in hospital food courts (duh). Much to his horror and dismay.

He did, however, manage to find one stall that sold fried chicken and grilled meat so you can imagine the elation he felt.
So you can imagine how happily he ate.
And ate.
And ate.
So much and so fast.
That he didn’t even notice me taking pictures of him and sending them across to my sister.
My sister just got home a few days ago and if anything, she’s coping. As for baby Reina, I haven’t heard from her yet, but you know how these things go. It’s better to hear nothing than something that would break your heart.

Back to my more stressful world, I’m please to announce, if anyone cares at all, that my flu is gone and I can get ready for my flu shot! I’d also have managed to (somehow) forget my Major Project final presentation date and if not for my supervisor managing to get his hands on me first and asking me if I’d finished my slides.

I haven’t, but at least now I can.

I’ve also been stressing out over a couple of tests and my major project report, though all are coming along just fine, I’m still a little jumpy because hey. I’m threading on thin ice here.

So yes, the next post will definitely be an update on my school work. It’s been a hellish start of the month school wise, though it’s a little too late to say that now. Alright, I need to go figure out this blasted calculation question.

Cheers to good genetics and no white hairs,


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