Silever Haired Prince

I wrote this on the bus one morning after I had a dream of a silver haired boy. Hope you guys like it. (:

Silver haired prince all dressed in black. Tall and lengthy, you who doesn’t need fitting shirts and muscle tees to show me what you’ve got. The coat you wear looks hot enough to warm a house so why is there a heavy wool cap on your soft snowy hair and why are your hands bare?
Silver haired prince your face is but a shadow to me, though I can’t help imagining you with stunning blue eyes; those I can get lost in. Your lips, so full and kissable. Oh my, are you smiling at me now? My Prince, please be wise…

Silver haired prince, please don’t start over. Your powerful strides are distracting me from my pending escape from your clutches because right now I cannot take my eyes off that expensive looking scarf that flaps laboriously at your strong hips; a reminder of what you can promise me away from the prying eyes of the masses.

Oh Silver haired prince, forgive me for my abrupt departure-my hasty retreat- for I have carelessly stumbled into your pressence. Please do not call out to me as I will not turn. I cannot, simply because we are too different.

But as I make scarce with the memory of your broad shoulders, strong legs, icy blue eyes and towering figure, I leave the sight of my raven hair, cherry red lips and hooded hazel eyes as equal trade. That is all I have to offer you.

Do not remember me by the war you have seen raging and flashing stark behind my tired eyes nor the scars on my wrists slashed in purposeful columns. Do not take into account how my hands shake as I drink my tea and make nothing of how my eyes dart around in a room full of strange people. Question not, my prince, it is better you not know.

Because I love you so much so that I will protect you with all my heart. From myself.


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