Occupation: Student


It is I, Cherie, (finally) bringing you the updates of my school work after much procrastination despite my busy schedule. Let’s start from the top, shall we?

Besides all the bullshit and rage tweets going on my twitter while I’m in school, I’ve made it a point to actually study hard this semester. Things will definitely be different, especially since I will not be with my classmates anymore but with my juniors instead. Times have been peaceful, though trying to interest myself in my books have been proving to be quite challenging. image

Like my pencil case, Kevin, I gave my most hated module this semester (because God knows I’ll hate every module I have in my next sem) a personality in attempt to make me like it more. So far the only thing it’s been able to do was make a couple of my friends laugh and raise a few eyebrows.
Keeping awake in school has also never been harder, probably because I’m already so used to my internship life. Honestly, I miss it but all good things come to past, don’t they? So starts my frequent visits to the school bookshop where I can spend half an hour picking out candy and snacks, after which I forget to have lunch and sulk my tutorials away. Still, totally worth it.
I also started note taking and copying all my tutorial questions by hand for easy revision and for my poor memory’s sake. You know, because I’m determined to graduate and get the hell out of this school.
In continuation from my last semester’s work, I managed to finish my solo major project slides and project report! I actually think I did quite a decent job with this entire thing, from my SIP to my presentation and report. Have high hopes for this!
I even had time to help out with my friends’ Major Project, going around metal hubs in Singapore looking for screws and expansion springs.
I really did try to help okay, though I did end up having more fun in the end. In my defense, I was doing my presentation slides too and I managed to finish. D:
More and more note taking and highlighting. If you do not notice by now, I am right handed, have a pink laptop (of all things) and have the cutest mechanical pencil ever.
Here’s a picture of a mini assignment I had to do and bring to class for a ‘show and tell’. I never got to present it, thank goodness because I’d spelt ‘Photovoltaics’  wrongly. *Facepalm*
^Random flashback to when I had to do chiller sizing for my Major Project. The graphs made my head hurt and made me felt so stupid I almost cried. Bad memories, man. I’m so glad it’s over.
And let’s just say that all the studying paid off when I got back one of my quiz results. This is for the module I hated the most! Of the three that I’m taking this semester, this is the best score so far. It’s always like that, isn’t it? Somehow you never score as well for the subjects you like or in my case, prefer over.

I’d want to write more, but the topic of school is already so boring in itself. The only interesting thing that happened all term was that I’d raged out over my report submission. Sigh. I have no life.


Okay, not really. But at least I’m passing in school, right?




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