Cherie Sim and The Epic Splurge Dilemma

How hard is it for a woman to splurge?

That’s what I thought as well, till I now face a scenario myself.

It all started after the whole birthday scare, suddenly realizing that I’m on  a downhill lurch of social maturity, current age: 19.

I’d decided that I’d better start acting like an adult now, rather than get culture shocked when I enter the working world very painfully soon. So here I am thinking, why not start with my bank account?

If you follow my blog long enough, you’d realize that I am a trigger-happy spendthrift when it comes to gaming and all things limited edition. I’m a perfectionist when I comes to my gaming, wanting only the best equipment for my character and the prettiest and flashiest costumes, darn my luck for being a vain gamer on top of everything.

With all that I’ve spent on gaming alone, I reckon I’ve gone through thousands for dollars, a good 30% of my life savings.

That’s right, everyone, LIFE SAVINGS. Because even though I’m not too sure how far I’d get in life, I try

Moving on, I decided that I’d have to start somewhere and since I’m still schooling, I thought I’d start with putting a little savings goal on my 2014 new year’s resolution, which can only mean one thing.

I only have 17 more days to splurge on something REALLY big before my budget plan cuts me off.

I’m not sure about you, but I take my New Years Resolutions very seriously. Whatever I write down, I make sure comes true. That’s why I’m in this ditch, torn between the promise I have to keep to myself and future well being, and my heart desires.

Alright, so I’m being a little dramatic. But seriously.

What in the world could I be so stressed out over?

I blame myself for this one, actually. In the first place, I shouldn’t be looking for things to splurge on. If anything, I should be trying to keep my account balance high so that I wouldn’t have such a hard time saving next year. But I can’t. It’s a ‘heart’s desires’ thing so shove off. What the heart wants, she gets.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at figurines mainly because I’d managed to damn my flow of imagination during the year and now can’t properly envision my dream guy anymore. Given, my dream guy isn’t real to begin with, but I’m pretty sure dating him in my head and staring up into his eyes was much easier a whole year ago. I’m not even sure what colour his eyes are now. Urgh.

So I’ve decided that it has to be done. 

need a super hot male figurine by my bed side to stare at and memorize all features before I sleep at night. You’d think only guys do that to their anime girlfriends or waifus but everyone was created equal and I get to ogle my figurines as well. Screw you.

Firstly, allow me to rant on how bloody hard it was to even find a male figurine. 

This figure took me a good week to find and even then, I’d just barely chanced upon it. Before that, I’d googled and tumblr-ed precious beauty sleep away looking for male figures. I’ve looked at lists and scrolled through countless pages of




Scantily clad bikini babes, action figures that existed solely to tempt me into buying them and all I could find was a handful of male figurines who weren’t even attractive to begin with.

I had given up and settled for an adorable Yoshino pre-order when I’d decided to drop by my favourite Comic Book store, Atom Comics, and saw this guy in on of the preview mags.



Okay, so it wasn’t exactly this guy on the preview mag, or this figurine but

I can’t. He is just too perfect.


I saw an advert in the preview and realized that I’s totally forgotten to check up on his character because the last time I did in game stores, I found out that they’d totally changed the way his character looked and honestly, I wasn’t feeling it.

But I didn’t know they came up with more figurines in the meantime D:

Yes, I am ages too slow. This figure was released in 2008 when I was 14 and still throwing all my cash into blasted AutionSEA and MapleStory.

For this figure, I’m giving him a budget of $150 dollars if possible. It’d probably go up close to $200 with all the shipping involved, but I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed and hope Atom Comics can do me this huge favor. It would help me sleep so much better, if you know what I mean…

Up next is a Witchblade character, Masane Amaha, also from Kotobukiya.


About what I said about scantily clad woman, I don’t take this back. Look at her in all her baddassery (I made a word!) and look at that stand. Can I get any better than this?

Look at her hair!
Much Shine!
Such Red!
Many Twirls!

I’m planning on getting her with a signed and graded comic I saw at Atom Comics. While we’re on that topic of said comic, it costs a whooping $200. Combined with the I’m-not-too-sure-if-it’s-big-or-small budget of $150 for Masane, this splurge would put me back $350 give and take.

Up next is yet another figurine that I could probably afford sometime next year if I manage my accounts right. It is,

Sorceress from Dragon Nest by Good Smiles Company! I’m pretty sure she’s wearing the Cerberus set.

She’s currently on for pre-order due to be released next year in March. I have quite a few months to save up for her, so I’m not too pressed about it.

On the other hand, her full price is rumored to be around $115 while other sites are selling it for roughly $100

This figure is definitely a get no matter what. I love her glossy boots, though I’d rather have her grinning and smirking. She looks too meek as compared to a sorceress in PVP with her maniacal laughter echoing around you.



Dante: $150
Witchblade Masane Amaha: $350
Dragon Nest Sorceress: $115

If I were to get everything, I’d cost me $675 which I would get slaughtered and fed to the dogs when my dad sees my bank statement.

I’ll probably get Witchblade at the end of next year as a splurge and to see if I truly want it that badly. Providing the comic hasn’t been purchased by someone already.

Yes, Dante is a must. Lol.

I’d be buying Sorceress in the middle or probably early next year (earlier, depending how lucky I am during CNY gambling sessions) so I’m fine for now.

Also looks like it’s time to get a job (again).


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