The Daily Dose


Okay, so I don’t take this much medication everyday. Most of the time it’s only vitamins that is supposed to keep my health in pristine condition but I seem to always be taking some form of medication with my vitamins so… I’m a weak and vulnerable girl.

My medical history is extensive and probably alarming to many. I’ve never been allowed to donate blood at any point of my life because my blood wasn’t ‘clean’, not that I have AIDS or anything, but you get my point.

It’s just that I’ve been sick for as long as I can remember, sadly. I started taking flu meds when I was secondary school (because in primary school I was busy breaking my bones and scrapping my knees). I could go through an entire slab (?) of pills in a week if I got it really bad. I always got it bad on Mondays and the symptoms would take a couple days to die off. I never went for a flu shot because I never seemed to get better so I ended up popping pills before the virus hit me in the morning. By the time I got to my graduating year (that’s four years of consistent self medication), my body had grown immune to the pill’s drowsy effect and could withstand weak flu viruses. I thought it was pretty cool because I could stand in a room full of sick human beings and still be strong as an ox. It felt like some extremely irrelevant superpower, but still a superpower.

The following year, I decided to undergo corrective surgery for my knee because it was crooked and was on pain meds for three months. When I went to school, I fell sick with fever often so I guess you guys know why I almost never get fevers nowadays.

In my third year of poly, I relapsed on my depression and had to officially be put on antidepressants for six months after which it was paced over the next half year to help me break away from it.

And now here I am, having flu again coupled with excessive bleeding. My body is indeed magnificent, majestic and marvellous, not to mention thoughly broken into the world of western medicine.

I’ve had days I had so much vitamins to swallow, I had to take them in batches. Small pills first or should I start with the oval ones? Is that a gell tablet? Do I have to eat it whole or dissolve the powder inside then drink it (those were the worst)? Before or after meals? How many times a day? Drowsy or non-drowsy? I shouldn’t be taking the bus if it’s drowsy, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading my little rant so here’s the low down on the above picture.

Two for flu, two for excessive blood loss, one to prevent flu (but isn’t helping at all) and one to help my overall well being, which obviously isn’t helping because I’m still falling sick and am still mean, grumpy and bitter. I’m also breaking out, God dammit. 

On the plus side, at least my hair looks fierce, and by fierce I mean how it’s supposed to look like when you blow dry your hair. 

Hope everyone has a great day ahead of them because I’m about to have a shit one. 



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