DNSEA: 70Cap

Waddap everyone.

You know, for someone who claims to be obsessed with her blog, I haven’t been paying as much attention to it as much as I am obliged to be. But I have a should be good enough reason as to why I haven’t been around much.

After months and months of waiting, DNSEA had finally released the level 70 cap! I’m extremely excited to nest again and hit my level cap again but not so excited for the lag.


If you’ve been keeping up, you’d realize by now that I’m a PVP player. This makes my existance in the PVE world significantly irrelevant.

FIRSTLY, what is up with the talisman system? What’s the best? I only see blue boarder talismans selling in the trading house and I have no idea how to equip them. Apparently at different slots you get different percentages of stat boost but the talisman seems to be equipped into a slot by default.

Will be needing a lot of help optimising the talisman system on my main. Someone care to explain?

SECONDLY, what is fellowship heraldry? I get it, another way to stat boost. Also means a lot more heraldry to buy when I re-gear at level 70. !@#$

THIRDLY, what the fuuuuuuck is ‘old’ and ‘new’ equipment? It’s frustrating when I tab to open my equipment and see ‘Old’ in red brackets under my equipment. I worked hard for that EQ so please, DN, don’t tell me it was so last season. It hurts, okay.

I kid. So DNSEA is turning into miniature Diablo III where you can add gems to your equipment to give it extra stats. Personally I find there things redundant, if only they didn’t make the dragon raids too fracking OP. 

LASTLY, you can say I’m whining for this one, but leveling now is excruciating. Yes, it could be because I have no time right now (or because I actually have a life) but not only are the dungeons giving us shit EXP per run, the monsters are like tanks.

I’m talking about having to attack a bat twice before it actually dies. Sure, I was playing in master mode at level 61 but oh my God, the most I should be doing is using mana on it once. Kicks don’t do shit now.

I also got killed by an NPC tree guardian on master mode. I’m so friggin’ pissed.

I’m currently stuck at level 62 now. I’m aiming to hit my cap before the month ends. At the rate I go I should be able to make it.

Why so chiong?

Because if you hit level cap by 11 March, you get a free skill reset and DN knows I need one bad.

Of course, leveling is going to be an uphill task as I battle to fend off Valentine’s dates and concentrate on studying for my mains (yeap, it’s that time again). I’m also trying not to spend money on the game.

Keyword: Trying.

So far I’ve spent $50 on altea boxes and changing my hairstyle and color. Let’s just say the onlu good thing that came from the money spent was my hairstyle and color. FML.

It’s a good thing the new sets are so ugly. Seriously, for 42bucks you think they’d at least throw in a skill. But no. I try on the costume and the first thing I’m think is ‘Why do I look like a roach.’

Anyway, I was trying for the dragon mount because it can fly. Like off the ground in the air kind of thing. Because the revamped Saint Haven is huge and confusing as f-. The lag doesn’t help either, seeing that NPCS don’t load in time for you to actually locate them and when you finally locate them, they flicker. Meaning you can’t even click them for a while.

In the hall of fame, there were already level 70s running around with dragon mounts some 9-10hours after the patch came out. At that point of time I was still in school, so no competition there.

I salute them, really. I could never go through so much grinding and not have my brain melt to mush. BRAINOFSTEEL

Allllso, my guild made it to 4th tier. I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’m guessing it’s not too bad? We missed 5th by a few points though ):

It probably has something to do with crafting desert dragon equipment because that’s what I found in my mailbox first thing when I logged on on the 11th.

Alright, I’m off to School now. Trying my best to concentrate on my subjects, wish me luck.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day whether they have a date or not. I’ll be dating DN and my books this year.



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