The Koala Ball Challenge

Exams are around the corner and of course I am finding as many ways as possible to not study. It’s not healthy, I know, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Study hard play hard, you know?

Anyways, during Valentine’s Day, I went visiting to my friend’s house since it also happened to be the last day of Chinese New Year. After dinner and few games of some charades smartphone game, my friend pulled out 6 boxes of Lotte Koala cookies and asked us to do the Koala Ball Challenge.

The Koala Ball Challenge: 

You are to supposed to shake the box of koala biscuits 5000 times and all the bite sized biscuits will turn into a large chocoball.
My friends and I couldn’t be bothered to count so we decided to just shake the thing for 30minutes, which really is no joke I tell you.

Our Koala Ball Challenge:

I am a little ashamed as to how amazed at how the biscuits turned into balls. I mean, I for one should have expected it since God knows I love making biscuit bases so much because it’s so much easier than cutting butter into flour and blind baking it. At least I can say these were genuine reactions.

And that we are very easily amused, entertained and dazzled. Even by a chocolate ball.

My Koala Ball Challenge:

My friends didn’t like the Koala biscuits very much but I personally thought it wasn’t bad. Given, it would never compare to Hello Panda, but I would totally go for it if Hello Pandas aren’t available. Not exactly sure of the odds of something like that happening, but oh well.

I did my challenge with the strawberry flavoured biscuits the second time round just to test the flavor. I probably shouldn’t have shaken the box for 30minutes straight. It was over-shaken and the cream was everywhere in the plastic packaging. It started feeling like a ball at the 15minute mark so I’m guessing that’s where I hit the 5000th shake?

Hello Panda Ball Alternative: 


Sorry, I meant to do this challenge (Tomorrow, I’d said in the video. /rollseyes I don’t know why I overestimate myself.) but I got caught in the exam study week cram and excuses, excuses.

Honestly, I kinda got lazy to do it. I had the Hello Panda ready to be shaken but then I remembered how much nicer Hello Pandas tasted when you popped it into the fridge and ate it while the cream inside was solid-ish. So that’s what I did and now I have no Hello Panda, I’m too lazy to go down to the mart to buy another and I’m busy studying for exams.

Now look where my procrastination and stomach has gotten me.

So I apologize to my future self for being such a lazy piece of shit because now we will never know if it’s possible to shake Hello Panda till it turns into a ball. I’m sorry.

Let’s just hope there’s still Hello Panda when I’m 30, alone and bored or something. I mean, there’s still white rabbit sweets now. OMG. Don’t jinx it!

OKAY, MOVING ON. Now everyone knows how long this post has been in my drafts.

Wish me all the best for my exams because I’m really nervous over it.

Will she get off the stupid list?


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