12 Days of Hell to go

So my other colleague/friend finished her contract recently and after she left my life at work has gone something like

Mainly because my workload has practically doubled since she left. I had to take over her and help doesn’t come in till after I leave. So technically I’m working the load of two people right now. Well, three because she was working the load of two before she left. GDI, SYAFFY. WHY LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE?! I KNOW YOU CAN READ THIS, COME BACK.


Afew things off my head that I an list that I have to do daily (or I will never finish):

  • Mail merge and
  • Data logging for above merge
  • Survey form keying
  • Certificate and letter generation for my assigned department
  • Certificate and letter generation for another department
  • Printing of Certificate and Letter for both departments
  • Packing of to-be-mailed-out letters and certificates
  • Fabrication of FB tips weekly

Let’s just say I’m already struggling with the survey form part and I have random stuff thrown at me almost everyday. Things like calling companies up and collateral counting, etc. The calling part is a bitch, really.

Funny thing, I kinda saw all this coming but still I’m like

I mean I knew my workload was gonna get bad but not this bad. It’s so horrible that the first day she left, I had three people come to me to ask me to do said random stuff while they could clearly see that I was busy rushing survey forms. I had to sit there being all polite and when they left I was all

Caption: Okay, I’m fucked.

Honestly, I’m so tempted to pull something like

But I’d probably get fired and not paid. Plus my name wouldn’t exactly be good in the environmental sector. A.K.A my sector.

So all that I can to do now is just

It may look funny, but really it’s not. :\
Oh well, 12 days of work to go before my contract is finally up.



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