Things I didn’t know about school

It’s been awhile since I’d written about school and what better way than to start with what I don’t know about it?

Well, besides studies, that is.

Really early (a few months back, actually) this semester, I came across this building in my school called Global Connection. Till this day, I still don’t know what it’s for, besides the fact that it’s choke full of green fixtures and was almost responsible for me being late for class.

The 15 minutes grace rule has been abolished, you see, and I forgot I had to head to this place for an 8am class. I mean, you can’t blame me, right? I’m barely lucid at 12pm let alone at 8 in the morning.

Either way, Global Connection turned out to be pretty gnarly a building, with good ventilation despite it being mostly non air conditioned. I thought the day started out great.
That was, of course, we (my group mates and I) found out we had to do our assignment based on the features and our lecturer had spent an hour talking in circles about nothing in particular.
None of these fingers are mine but you can imagine how grumpy we were in the morning, mainly because:
1) My friend was pointing middle fingers here, there and everywhere.
2) Other friend just could give two shits.

As for said assignment, it was due after the term break but required a software my laptop couldn’t handle. *cough* Software game too strong *cough* so I waited on my class chairman for news of a free access lab to be booked during the break but there was a major communication breakdown and I couldn’t get to a computer for the entire break, leading to an almost-meltdown when I got back to school.


Basically, I found out the assignment was due at 6pm that day and I had a lunch date with an old friend at 4pm, leaving me with an hour or so to complete the software based assignment.

Throughout all the grief and trauma, I pulled through with the help of a newly made friend who sat with me throughout the gruelling task of daylight analysis on my very (very very very very) horribly drawn building (that looked much like a Snicker bar). Thanks to him, I was done in (almost) half the time and managed to get to my friend all the way at NEX, Serangoon, though I was still an hour late.

ANOTHER THING I didn’t know about school was the culture of its National Education (NE) talks.

Honestly, if they (the school) didn’t threatened me with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to graduate without going for said talks at least twice in my poly life, I wouldn’t have bothered. Who has the money for further studies anyway?

Since the risk of not giving a fuck was high, I’d (even!) marked it down on my organiser a good two weeks in advance with the intention of going back to school anyway even thought I was on my Elearning week.

I mean, seriously. What’s the point of giving us an Elearning week when I am perpetually forced to come back anyway?

Nevermind that though, because it gets worst.

I didn’t make the talk.

And it wasn’t even because I was late!
Alright, so maybe I was marginally late, maybe a few minutes off the clock but it wasn’t like I left the house at 4pm when the talk was at 4.30pm.

Another thing to rant about, the talk had this middle-of-nowhere timeslot, disrupting any hopes for me to plan anything for that day. -.-

On top of everything else, I arrived at the scene to learn that the auditorium was reportedly full, meaning I may not have gotten in if I’d been early. The auditorium only catered to roughly 290 students, most I suspect were only there for the sake of attendence and free food. I know because I was planning to do the same thing.

A plus point, or maybe not, was that I wasn’t alone in this horrendous situation. My group mates were also late (it wasn’t my fault okay… I hope…) and were locked out too. One had tried to enter before my friend and I, and was turned down as well as scolded for not being seated earlier.

So, rather defeated by men with waist high dress pants and justice shoved up their asses, I decided we all drop by the bookshop and have ourselves some chocolate since we’d all made rather painful journeys down in the afternoon sun for well, nothing.

A bar of chocolate later, we decided to hit the evening-ish night market (pasar malam) for snacks that were sure to not let us down like our lovely school just had.
The bus stop camwhore was rather inevitable because I had a wig on (was costesting Poison Ivy’s wig) and the heat was getting to us.

We went our separate ways after I had my coffee, while the other two sat and basked in the mall’s air conditioning.

I probably should say something like ‘I didn’t know school would give me so much shit.’ but in all honesty,  I ended the entire day feeling better-than-fine about it, mainly because I was thankful that I had trustable friends to tide these unfortunate events over with.

Sure, school had given me backstabbing bitches, failed modules, dumbass teachers and what not, but mostly, I’d like to say that if I didn’t bother clawing through mountains shit and withstanding flash floods of disappointment coming at me, I probably wouldn’t have found these gems of human beings, who probably got shovelled under all this crap too.

Really makes me wanna work hard and graduate already, eventhough I’m not exactly sure if I’m graduating this year or early next. I’ll figure it out eventually.
Evidently still pretty stupid but at least she’s happy-ish,


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