School is out for me (I hope) and I’ve been having a wonderful time…

Looking for a job.

Well, I didn’t exactly have to look for it since I kinda had it waiting for me a few weeks before I sat for my main exams.

I got the call to interview right after my last paper as well, which kind of left me in mild shock while I was talking to the HR lady.

Either way, my way of celebrating my last paper was to head straight home because Mia still had another paper a few days later and it just didn’t feel right to celebrate then.


In the meantime while I was stressing out over the interview, I met up with Azfar and because we have literally nothing else better to do out in town (except buy comic books), we crashed at my place and played really retarded miniclip games like this rock climbing one:


He enlisted into National Service two weeks later so there went one of my best buddies ):

When the day of the interview finally arrived, I was so touched to have at least 5 people wish me good luck. Of the five, two woke up earlier than me (LOL) to leave me a message.

I turned up half an hour early to Marina Bay Financial Center and decided to sit down for coffee at Cedele. Then had this promotion of 1for1 pastries that came with a free coffee. I don’t know what was going on then, but yay to $3.50 teabreaks!


After trying my hardest not to cuss my mouth off at the receptionist that was pulling a long face at me for some reason, I was ushered into the waiting area that had this really rad view. I thought all was going well until…

I was sat down to be interviewed by three ladies in suits.
Like woaaaah there, I did not just walk into a court hearing, right?

Talk about getting judged, they were pulling all these fake tight-lipped smiles at me and starring me down as if I were dirt. I mean, sure, I haven’t even graduated yet but the least you could do is not appear to be a bunch of complete cunts.

That aside, I managed to get through the interview without running out the door in tears and with my tail between my legs and ranted to my friends about how horrible it had been. It actually came to a point where I wished they wouldn’t call me up again because they made me feel shit-stain scared of my job scope.

Then my friend told me that some or maybe all interviews went that way and that it was a test of confidence when it came to meeting people who weren’t so friendly. That made me relax a little, though I was still nervous about my job scope. Shh! Don’t tell em!

I was in a better mood when I got home, mainly because the interview that I was stressing over for forever (like a week) was over and I could finally get on to stressing over my cosplays for STGCC.

But first, lemme take a selfie.




It was also the day my niece, Reina, was allowed to have an entire Vitegen bottle to herself.


I’m not sure about you guys, but when I was a kid, my mom used to scare me into not drinking it because she said it was filled with ‘adult vitamins’.

I am now turning 20 and the only ‘adult vitamins’ I know of is viagra and horny goat weed so guess who’s life has been a lie.

Also, here’s a very act-cute picture of a Pikachu impression.


The next day, I followed my dad to a dinner gathering he has with his friends annually. We like to joke that he only brings us (sisters and now brother-in-law) so that he could show us off while the only reason we follow over is because the food is good and there’s free (and good) liquor.

Come to think of it, it sort of is.
With pretty little to do, my sister and I decided to relive our childhood a little by sitting on kiddy rides and taking pictures.




Not to worry though, the rides weren’t moving. It (the rides) was placed right next to a really crowded coffee shop filled with my dad’s friends so I don’t think he would have appreciated our crazy antics.

Then came one of the best dishes of the night, the Kong Ba Pau.
It’s basically stewed belly pork wedged between a soft and steaming fluffy bun.



I ate more of the buns (without the meat fillings), though. You have no idea how good they are by themselves.

In the midst of waiting for my results and boredom, I decided that it was about time I got a haircut.


I guess I’ll have to start remembering which months I get my hair cut. Normally, I rely on the school term to cut my hair, which is once every 4 months or so, after my term tests, mains or when I’m getting ready to start the new semester.


^ Rawr. That’s how over grown my hair was.


My hairstylist helped with cutting off an inch of coloured hair while giving my hair a few more layers. Even my fringe got a few layers!

I went home to find my Freddy Krueger glove in the mail and was so excited but it was a total letdown because the glove was too big for my hand and basically didn’t align well with anything.


It does, however, scare the crap out of my niece and she runs away everytime my dad puts it on.

I’m keeping the glove around as a prop right now, in case Reina needs to be scared into submission or something.

And finally, a picture of what really goes on in the house:


I had expected my life to become less complicated now that I’m done with school but boy, was I wrong. If anything, I’ve learnt that I’d actually had a shit school life and my life is about to get worst. I just hope that I have things to look forward to while I’m suffering.

Yours Truly,
Off the stupid list and into the FIYAH


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