Five Nights of Cash Balancing The Nightmare

This probably is my fault, as had everything in my life have been ever since my family decided to leave me to make adult decisions all while treating me like a twelve year old.

I have recently noticed that I’m turning my big two-oh late next month and what do I do?

No, not something grown up like opening a autosavings account, nothing too serious like that. Instead, I decide to watch indie horror gameplays at night, what more a day before a crucial work week given my daily waking time of 6am daily. As mentioned one post down, I barely have enough sleep on an ideal sleep night.
It’s not that I’m not accustomed to horror, I’m rather used to it. Adding to one of my live accomplishments is the ability to not flinch at zombie flicks and gameplay, a skill that would definitely aid me in event of a zombie apocalypse.

So what’s got me all worked up?

Let’s just say that it’s one thing to have the festering undead hobble or scramble in your direction but it’s another to have mascots stalking and staring at you through security cameras. Ah, the highlights of my impending doom during gameplay.

Enter Five Nights at Freddy’s

It’s all the hype right now, so how could I resist not taking a peek (or a series of gameplays and Wikipedia searches)?

Very basically, you’re a security guard in this pizza place that employs animatronics in their mascots to entertain guests in the day. All is well till it hits midnight (where you would be on duty till 6am) and they start moving from their spot at the stage area, looking for you because apparently you’re an endoskeleton without a suit and it is, in all politically correct ways, against the rules.

A little more background that I’d wiki-ed almost immediately after gameplay, there had been a string of child murder cases following these animatronics resulting in the closure of the pizzeria. Said children were rumoured to have been stuffed into the suits of the mascots, which may sound like rainbows and ponies till you factor in the endoskeletons and animatronic technology still in there. Yeah, not alot of room for a child if you ask me.

Also, ouch. Seeing that most animatrinoc tech resides in the head…urgh. In all honesty, I always thought head injuries hurt the most so you can say that ‘Anything but the face!’ Really does apply to me. I’d rather see guts than brains.

In the game, you don’t get to move anywhere, which I thought was great, coming from someone who was king-kong-balls scared while playing amnesia about a year back.

But I was dead wrong. And trust me, I’ve died enough times to justify that statement a few times over.

It had conveniently slipped my mind that not being able to move meant not being able to run, leaving me to flick hall lights on and off to check if they’re just outside my door and to close said doors when they are. Thankfully, I have camera screenings to view and see how close they are to me, but that function is life scaring in itself.

Of course I would rather pride myself as being a rather twisted individual than anything else, but one does not simply mess with free-roaming mascots. Honestly, I’d closely associate them to their clown counter parts and coming from someone who had been graced by killer clown in her childhood…

Not something I’d like to revisit.

But nonetheless, I was lured in like a moth to a flame mainly for it’s gameplay style and wide fanbase that included rumors, theories and hidden levels. I’d only figured that I should at least try the game first, right…? Scaring yourself a little helps relieve stress anyway.

Coupled with immense stress from work-training, the nightmares has been anything but normal if that makes any sense at all.

One moment, I’m dreaming/nightmaring about doing cash transactions when suddenly it gets dark and I can’t leave my counter. My cash till is empty (insert gasp here because God knows I’m fucked if that happened in real life) and the alarm and call buttons turn into door buttons with their respective hall light switches.

In the distant corridor, I hear a sickening cheerful jingle, much like the one in insidious except this one could potentially drive me insane, and I lift an ipad to my face (for some insanely stupid reason) to check the other hallways. What makes it worst, the branch isn’t exactly a huge pizzeria which means I have four psychotic mascots out to get me from all sides.

I’m not exactly a pro in this game, given I’ve only known it for three days so you can imagine how quickly I got caught in my dream. Sometimes only by one, sometimes by all of them at once. You have no idea how many times I wished it (the dream) would turn into some really fucked up furry gangbang, anything because how they decide to kill me is as follows:

In a night of dream alone I was…

Held by the head (hinting a potential skull crushing fatality) and forced to balance my cash in 60 seconds flat. My printer stalled. I died.

-Eaten by Fazbear.

-Doing a random transaction when I was literally backstabbed before the game even started.

-Somehow running from the mascots when suddenly, Amnesia.

-Fighting a mascot and lost my arm to it.

Seriously, why can’t my brain be this creative in the morning when I have to figure out what to wear for work?

That aside, I’ve been losing sleep by the days and been running of caffeine, sugar or adrenaline. Anything but sleep, since I can’t afford it at work.

It doesn’t exactly help that besides utterly refusing to sleep on some nights, my roomie/housekeeper has taken to snoring at the precise ungodly hours of 2, 3 and 5 in the morning for half an hour each time. If I’d dared to leave my bed I’d conduct experiments on her. So far I know that making random sounds like growling at her from my bed causes her to stop for about 4 seconds or approximately two snore-free breaths.

On days my door isn’t closed, my bed faces the door that leads to a darkened hallway of all things. (Insert extremely heavy sigh) First Silent Hill P.T, now I fear rabbit, teddy and chicken mascots creeping up my staircase. For God’s sake, I don’t know why these things happen to me. Must be my fengshui.

I’m typing this at 3am in the morning because I am once again depriving myself of sleep till I properly coma tomorrow night.

Hope I live till 6am tomorrow,


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