Crafting Guld Milla

This is probably the achievement of the year for me.

As everyone knows, I’ve been MIA from real life for quite a while because I’ve been playing this game called ‘Phantasy Star Online 2‘. In a nutshell, I was supposed to be playing this game solely to get revenge on a certain couple but fate decided to chain me to the game by having an online friend talk me into starting a team.

So now I’m here, already hopelessly addicted to the game when I decide to take things a step further.

Since the time I got my Guld Millas, I’ve been obsessed with them, to a point that I decided to make them in real life.
How the Millas look like.

The feat had seemed easy enough, till I was met with time constraint due to the start of my current full time job but with the help of a cosplay buddy, I was able to get the job done within 3 weekends.

Here’s how I did it:

Before this step, I had already weighed and sprayed (that rhymed) my M-9s because I didn’t think of documenting everything at the earlier stages.
This is a little bit of homework my cosplay buddy, Dom had me do, mainly because I left my silver spray paint at home and had to spray the gun magazines silver.
I am aware that the actual magazine is blue as well but I thought the gun needed more colours other than black, blue and green.
For the wings, I cut them out of wood and sprayed them blue over an initial coat of dull black. Half way through, we ran out of dull black and decided to just wing it and sprayed everything royal blue. It turned out okay except for a few beams of uneven drying.

We also decided that we wouldn’t have enough blue paint to go around so we rushed down to Art Friend for more blue paint and came back. On the way back, it started raining and we were kind of worried about whether our stuff would get wet because we were leaving them out to dry.
Back at Dom’s house, we sprayed the guns blue and started painting on the details. It felt really awesome to finally hold a paintbrush again, you have no idea.
The sun set while we were still painting and we used the phone’s flashlight to see things clearly.
With everything finally done, we started gluing everything together.
We were super excited to have so much done, we almost forgot to glue the magazines on LOL.
And finally, how they turned out!

I have the greatest time crafting milla and probably wouldn’t have been able to do shit if it wasn’t for all his help. Super thankful for having him around.

What’s left is to get my miko together for AFA, though I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it through since the package may have been lost in the mail. I have, however, ordered a school uniform online and I really hope it’ll arrive on time together with my wig.

Pray that everything comes together well!

Comfort Food I Can’t Afford

I’ve been so stressed at work that I’m so sad to report that one of the only reliefs in my life is looking at well taken pictures on my Tumblr and Instagram. For Instagram it’s worst because I follow a doughnut place from Melbourne and salivate over whatever my other friends are eating. At least I have my other branch friends to suffer half an hour lunch breaks with me )’:

If you feel hungry after this post, I’m not even sorry.