Missing In Action

Hey guys~
I’ve been MIA for awhile, mainly because I’ve been trying to damn hard to juggle my gaming, real and work lives. Basically, I had too much yearn for the virtual world and too much work in the real world so that combination simply tore me apart. It wasn’t that work was extremely tough (even though there were days that I wanted cars to hit me simply so that I could get myself hospitalized and attain long medical leave) but because my customers were so horrible dull, angry and mundane that it drove me insane with want to go back to this colourful and mythical place called the internet. Or at least just Tumblr.

Anyway, I’d decided to quit my job middle of last month because I simply couldn’t take it. I was wasting away and life kind of worst than when I was in school. Which is what people say, ‘You’re gonna miss studying when you go out to work’ but no, I don’t want to go back to school because school means failing a lot of shit and having low self esteem so I’d rather be working and earning a living for myself. Contributing to the household is actually quite feel-good, come to think of it.

Enough about all the resignation talk though, I’m just here to say that I’m finally back and ready to queue and post stuff again! So excited. So many books to read and review again, poetry to upload. Also, it’s not like I haven’t had time to go out while I was working. I had, just that I haven’t had to time to blog about it. But I will be uploading my very late posts (as usual) soon so do stay tuned!

Ta-ta for now,


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