Fixing up Eleanor!

Late post number 1. Over the course of two months, I bought got myself a Jubeat figurine and a Phantasy Star Online 2 Figurine online with my first pay.

I remember getting them on a Friday, making my day a work a little brighter. When I finally got home to take a look at her, I found that I had to piece her together.
So began the 3 hour long process into the night (because I took a one hour supper break in between) to fixing her up.
20141108_005235 20141108_005834 20141108_011612 20141108_011845 20141108_012230 20141108_013153
And here it is!
I don’t have much experience with figurines so I had a little problem positioning her so I put here like this.
20141109_223557 20141109_223611
This was at the point in my life where I really missed PSO and my team like crazy. At this point of time, I would be 4 week Jubeat sober and I’m probably going cold turkey. Definitely going crazy with Jubeat very soon (like after I quit my job).

Counting down to when work lets me off the hook!


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