Life sucks, have a smoothie


I’m on my 7th day filled with the lasting urge to slap a bitch, monotony, boredom and constant screaming of little children. Everything is kind of/maybe/probably getting to me so I’ve decided to make little blurbs of what I do everyday to keep my blog alive-ish.

My colleague drew me at work today. We started drawing each other for fun because it got really quiet in the middle of the day as usual, plus we needed numbers and submissions so why not?

We drew each other into our animal selves and I got drawn into a fox, complete with red nails and kimono. I don’t know why, but I felt mildly proud of it(???) Maybe I read too much manga.
This is the complete series (?) born from our utter boredom. It kinda looks nicer when you put everything together, right?

After work, I met Eddy at 313 Sommerset for dinner. We met there because it was the nearest location to me that had salad (I’m on the Daniel Fast now, more details next month) but everything was gone by the time we got there so I settled for Nasi Padang veggies instead.
Clearly not full at all, I suggested Smoothie King, because it was probably the best thing I could have during the cleanse unless I had cravings for salad… which wouldn’t be too often now that I eat it for almost every meal.

As always, we took a few pictures of our retarded shag faces.
Ed’s probably the only friend who ever suggests taking pictures everytime we go out. Makes me feel like a girl again :,)
On the way back home, I told him about my epic tale of February while he bitched about work and life in general. Together, we decided that the world is stupid and that we are simply awesome people with a single life goal to stay awesome and fabulous.

I reached home much later than I normally do and only managed to settle down at 1.30am with work still waiting for me a little than 8hours later ;_;

Which is why, I should probably end this little post here, since there’s a good chance I’ll be caught up with Tumblr in 3… 2… 1…



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