Chapter Two


In case no one knows, this is how my hair is now. It looks quite okay now, but this is after at least 15minutes of blow drying my fringe alone. Also, I look like my secondary school self. Something I’m not sure how to feel about.

Met a couple of my good poly friends today for dinner. Life really sucks when you’re vegan. I felt bad because I couldn’t eat majority of the things at Serangoon Garden, especially the two ice cream cafes there.
Note to self, get there earlier if you want seats at Chomp Chomp and eat all the ice cream you humanely can when you break fast, Cherie.

Eventually we sat down for prata and I had a jumbo sugarcane drink while we caught up with each other. Thanks to them, I remembered that my graduation ceremony is in May, only when they asked me because they wanted to come down.



Seriously going to miss these guys. Meeting up has been hard since both are serving nation service now and it’s about to get harder because..

Tomorrow (or in a few hours) I’m starting a new full time job, this time in FnB. Yup, I’m finally putting myself out there again. Been sort of moody the past few days because of this since I see it as losing my freedom and possibly my soul to it. Bad experiences while working does this to you.

Hopefully it will be a job I can stay long on for experience!

Wish me luck!


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