Why did I do that?


Howdy! How is life? I don’t know, I don’t exactly have one anymore!

So comes my opening title as stated above. Since my life consists of traveling to and fro the cafe and home, you can count that I try very hard to make my life more interesting.

Be it accepting candy from a stranger or possibly making a penpal out of a random dude on Instagram, I’d do it.

So what really bad decisions have I been making these few days? Tons actually, but I’ll knock them down to a couple because both incidents happened on the same day.
In fact I thought I was so unlucky, I bought a lottery ticket. I didn’t win though, maybe I should buy another when I get hit by a car or something.

Next Sunday is Father’s day (I think) and my family decided to go out for dinner last Saturday (a week before) since I had an early day then. Before anyone points out, no, I still can’t take dinner.

What I agreed to was perhaps even more ridiculous, a buffet dinner. I guess it was sort of nice that it was an ala carte buffet -something new.
The food wasn’t bad. In fact, it would have probably tasted great if I actually had the stomach for it. I do remember complimenting the freshness of the swordfish sashimi at one point.

Yeap, I had a sashimi buffet with pretty decent sashimi and the only dish I ordered twice was the teapot soup. But the teapot soup was good. Really, really good. Or maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better.

In a desperate attempt to spice up my life, I agreed to go to a foam party with Dom and his girlfriend at Sento-anislandbyitself-sa.

Why is it bad though? Because I work a 6 day week and I would have either just come from work, have work the next day or have to burn an off day to party. For me, I only had an early day on Saturday and Wednesdays are my usual off days so you do the math. Not to mention, I took my next Saturday off because of CharaExpo2015 that I would be cosplaying for so I would technically be working 7 days straight without rest and fresh out of a night of sleep deprived partying. Ah, it’s great to be young, eh?

Anyway I figured it’d be fun, since Dom is probably my only chinese platonic guy friend I’d want partying with me when I’m on a significant amount of alcohol and in a devastating lack of clothing. I was even excited at a certain point.
Since the dinner before was planned after I agreed to go for this party, I had to cab down to Sentosa if not I wouldn’t make it in time for the guestlist.
The early party of the night went bearably well, no one approached our group or attempted to get into fights despite our prominent resting bitch faces.

Although I was slightly ticked off by how one of my other friends that I wasn’t close to decided to crash in and tag along the entire night on. He said he had friends in the area but he never went to look for them!!! If it were me, I would have looked for them even for a little hi and by. But he didn’t, even when I told him that maybe he should hint and proceeded to cling to my other guy friend I met there hinthint. I even tried accompanying him, asking him where his friends were HINTHINTHINT.

I failed at ditching him, obviously, since he was still in the cab with me when I got home. *rolls eyes*

Please don’t get me wrong though, he had been nothing but nice to my friends and I while we were out together. From getting us get cups when we were pre drinking outside, to scouting out the storage area while we were queuing. But in the end, I was under the impression that he was already out with his group of friends (that’s why he was there earlier, right?) and that my group wasn’t open to have another person come in. I wasn’t socially prepared to play host to a number five and oh how I hate surprises. Screws with all my plans.

I know I’m coming off as quite the ungrateful bitch but you see, two is a couple, three is a crowd, four is a party. I really didn’t need a fifth to host. Because that’s what I do with people I don’t know well. I put on a mask and play nice. Play host. Not tell them to fuck off because I’d like to spend some quality time with people I actually want to spend time with.

So the night gradually grew to become extremely tiring, from pre drinks where I had to make sure he wasn’t feeling left out in anyway (because that would make everyone very awkward when people realize they forgot about him) by constantly offering him drinks from my cup like he was some sort of date I was bringing out to meet friends for the first time (I’m really sensitive to these kinds of things) to the dancefloor where I was constantly looking if he had lost us in the crowd (oh how I wish I did) because his belongings were in Dom’s girlfriend’s, Vivi’s bag. I felt bad that she had to be the one carrying everything. She had the bottle of Jager as well as everyone’s valuables in her tiny sling bag, my shoulders hurt just thinking about it.

In my extremely high state, I had half the mind to tell him to just go away but somehow the passive aggressiveness in me won and I simply sulked everytime I saw him anywhere near me. But like I’d said, I was determined to have a good time so I stole Vivi from Dom and danced with her majority of the night. Sorry Dom.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worst, the alcohol hit me while I was in the shallow pool and I kind of blanked out. Vivi tried to steady me but I sort of took her with me, rolling us both out of the pool. In the spirit of the SEA Games, a gold medal for Cherie, please.

But I wish I was that lucky. I figured that someone else tried to steady me but ended up pulling at the strings of my bikini bottoms, unraveling it. The thought itself is so nightmarish, I definitely had to be high on something to actually manage processing it so calmly. I do vaguely remember thinking to myself ‘This is a nightmare.‘, to which a small voice in my head whispered ‘This is exactly why we don’t party‘.

My guy friend asked if I wanted him to tie it for me, something I violently rejected. I don’t even like people touching me when I’m sober.

It’s a good thing Vivi acted quickly and tied it into a dead knot before I could actually register what was going on and my honor/decency was restored. Not my bikini though.

The next day, life decided to throw me a bone and gave me a good latte day at work.




It feels really good to be back to coffee though my days are slow and boring. It kinda pisses be off that my life is either really boring or honor-threatening. Why can’t I have a normal life?

Like those slice-of-life shoujo manga ones.
That and a side of fries please.



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