Tokyo’15 Stranded



The title is kinda punny if you know what I’m gonna be writing about.

Hair. I did my hair in Japan.


No? Nobody?



Moving on, Nii and I woke up bright (like it was really bright. Sunrise is at 5am here) and early in the morning to meet Rachel and crew at Tachikawa Station at 11am.

We were late but with any consolation, everyone was as well. Hairdresser included.

The location was all the way in the coutryside, though technically it was still considered part of Tokyo. But it was far/bad enough for all of us to lose our wifi connection from our pocket wifis.

It was also a good thing that while waiting I was well caffeinated, meaning I was willing enough to wait out the end of my life in an air conditioned space or half an hour under the sun/random shadow on the ground with Japanese mosquitoes that would daringly take toxic blood from my veins. There was no in between.

It was also then that I was bitten by a mosquito (or maybe a couple) after years of not knowing what a mosquito bite felt like. How’s that for experiences?




The salon owners finally arrived and let us in. They were really nice people (them and everyone else in Japan, apparently), who offered us drinks and cookies while we waited for Chami Tea, our hairsdresser/stylist.

We did share and inside joke about how we were so far from civilization, they could sell us and/or our kidneys away and we could do nothing about it. Of course with that being said, anything and everything that was pushed to us turned up looking dodgy as hell and everytime we succumbed to our basic needs of um, hunger and thirst, one would be regarded with sad eyes by the rest.

Let’s just say that the phrase ‘this is how I go, isn’t it?’ was thrown around alot that day. That, and ‘if I fall asleep half way, please at least leave me one kidney, thanks’.

And let’s not forget about the cat we were snapping photos of all day. That’s Shiki. Shiki likes guys more but Shiki liked Hiro best, because Hiro is super cool. Oh and from the pictures, Shiki is really done with our shit.



I dyed my hair ombre silver while Rachel did hers pastel pink. I bleached my ends while she bleached her entire head. With both heads being done concurrently, we sat for a gruelling 11hours before we were finally done.

We got there at 12.30pm so you do the math.


A great deal of blow drying later, my hair came out looking like this. You can’t really tell it’s silver yet, I’m supposed to let it fade more. The only obvious parts are at my tips, my hair was bleached up to my mid ears.

Chamii was nice enough to throw in a little shaping and trim so my hair is slightly thinner at the top too!

Anyway, Nii and I only made it to Kanda station before we had to walk home (missed the last train) so basically we were stranded at the train station. Hiro did propose cabbing, but we were broke so we opted to walk back to Asakusa instead.

Talk about a 4km hike past midnight in a foreign country, Google maps save us now. I normally enjoy my walks but my new hair couldn’t be tied/tamed and I was really sweating it out while Nii was having a major headache. We eventually got home in half an hour (personal brisk walking record) but my gad, we really know how to torture ourselves.

The day ended with Matsuya (as usual), except I’m pretty sure they got my order wrong. But what the hay.

Funnily, the time we went to bed was the time we normally slept so nothing much felt different except for how tilted we both were.

To great legs and hiking, guys!



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