Matsuya all day, everyday


Besides walking through dark alleys at 3am, countless 24hour marts, Calpis soda and ridiculously good convenience store food, one of the few things I particularly miss from Japan is Matsuya.
Matsuya is the best thing ever especially for people like Nii and I, mainly because we’re such devil may cry anti social gaijins, we would rather not talk to anyone other than each other even when it comes to ordering food. That’s right, Matsuya doesn’t require up front counter customers-employee interaction, thank Gad. You pick a beef bowl you want at the kiosk, collect your gyu-don ticket, get seated and they serve you your food. No questions asked, just eat and get the fuck out. It’s all about efficiency over here. Oh and have a cup of water too because they’re polite like that.


It doesn’t help at all that their variety for beef bowls is huge and I barely managed to sample all of them within the 10 days I was in Japan. I had to get Nii to order different sets just for the sake of trying. You see, it turned into an obsession then some gyu-don pokedex OCD after the third time eating it within 2 days. I would insert some beef pun here but I’m currently short of it.


Matsuya is also so affordable. Either that, or I’m just really low maintenance scum. But I can totally live with that.

Why you may ask? Because I only brought a pathetic 100k yen over (roughly SGD$1000) due to last minute financial constraints and I WAS REALLY BROKE, OKAY, IT SUCKED. But seriously though, Matsuya was my choice. I woke up specifically to eat a different beef bowl everyday and most times, I’d be salivating over having my next one the supper before.


Another reason why Matsuya is the bomb.

Because Japanese rice is life. I don’t care if you come up and tell me that it’s just normal rice with vinegar, sugar and more water. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never get my rice nearly as fluffy or as chewy as I get it at Matsuya, and… and… oh my gad I’m starting to tear up. In essence, Matsuya rice is probably the only rice that I’d eat as a proper staple and it makes me emotional.


And do you know what goes great with the rice? Their sauces, which is practically free flow if you know how to ask for another bottle in Japanese, but why put yourself through all that trouble when you can simply steal it from another table like a fucken gaijin, right? #touristperks #imahorribleperson

But seriously though, Nii knows that I’m crazy over their sour plum sauce. Absolutely crazy. He’s convinced that I only ate the large sized bowls because I was after the rice underneath, which was completely true. All the better to drizzle sour-salty sauce over, y’know.

I even tried looking for it at this 24hour everything-mart, Don Quijote. I failed, which explains why I was 10x more depressed when I got back to Singapore. I can’t eat Tori Q rice anymore it’s not the same. *curls up into a ball and sobs*


And lastly why Matsuya or just Japan in general is awesome, they have 150yen beer. That’s roughly about SGD$1.80? The price may vary depending on the exchange rate, but guysssssssss two bucks for a beer????!!?!!??!?!?! Priorities man, and this is wayyyy up there on my list.

Well, writing this post is making me hungry and sad. Mostly sad because whatever I eat now will never hold a light beside Matsuya, a Japanese fast food chain.

I am ruined.



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