To future Cherie,

Remember her name when you become a super villain in some parallel dimension because she doesn’t have to be any form of super to foil your plans e v e r y single time. She just has to be named K X X X X.

Ever salty,

Present Cherie


Birthday Dinner

[Me to Boss]

Me: Boss, do you know anywhere that serves good meats and steaks? I wanna bring my boyfriend there for his birthday.
Boss: Have you tried Dan Ryan’s? It’s a Chicago Grill that sells authentic Chicago food. In secondary school, if you wanted to bring a girl somewhere nice and you were a rich man’s son- like really tons of money a week or something- then you would bring the girl there. Either that or you save like f-k before you can bring.
Me: Oh cool! This sounds really good! Something new for us!

[Goes back up to the office to text the bae]

Me: B, do you wanna go eat at Dan Ryan’s for your birthday?
/Starts Googling Dan Ryan’s Menu Selection/
Bae: I don’t really have feel for clam chowder leh.

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