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Singaporean, Chinese.
Paid to study.
Speaks English best, Chinese if you speak really slowly and French if you really want to mess with her head.

This blog is a documentation of my life. I wouldn’t say it’s an experiment, I’d say it’s more of a diary and what’s more fun than reading someone’s diary? I believe that life is not about the time you spend on this Earth, but the memories you make and the events you live through. It is about the people you meet, the friends you attract, foster and let go off. It is about who you make yourself to be, to yourself and to others. This is me, living life not plainly existing.

Blog title:

At the end of all this writing and posting, I want to look back and see that I have grown up. It is exactly why my blog name is ‘Stagnate’. Because that is what I do not want to be doing. It is meant to be contradictory to my actions and wishes. As a child and as I still am, my only wish to stay in this equilibrium. I want to stagnate here, because I dare not move, in fear that I may tip and Ying and Yang of my life.

My wish for this blog is that as I grow into an adult, I will be able to leave my comfort zone and exit stagnation. With this blog and as I continue to post, I want to watch it gradually happen because I know that I will never realize it happening. But when I do notice and look back, I will have something to refer to.

Lastly, I would like to say that like any teenager out there, I have no idea at all of what I am doing, why I am doing such things and where I am getting the courage to do these things. I do not understand myself at all and I have come to accept that. So if ever you decide to follow me, accept me for who I am as I am sure I will too.

So here, this is an unpublished biography of my life and it’s still being updated! Why not get to know me while I get to know myself? Come, follow me on my journey! (:

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