I have just received the best new of the year.

Two of my top two Otomes are releasing their final chapters to wrap everything up!!! 

After a damning 2 years of waiting, procrastination and need for constant distraction, I will finally be able to properly date all my husbandos in Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms and Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~. Like finally. Proper handheld sexytimes for me to giggle at in the comfort of my own home. Finally, and end to the cliff hangers.


I’m so fucking pumped you guys have no idea.

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms

(Not my fav ship, but still one of the cutest scenes in the game.)
Also known as my bae with blades, who did next to nothing with my playable character is Kyoto Winds.

Like you know, after playing through 12 bloody routes the least you could do was give me a CGI of a kiss to hold on to right? You know, throw the thirsty fangirl a bone?

But no, they didn’t. So for the last 4 months I’d been binge reading fanfiction and stalking the tumblr fandom because I was dying for more. THE FANDOM WAS DYING FOR MORE. And we’ve suffered enough. We will finally have our baes with blades actually be nice to us and not be complete tsunderes like in the last game.

The game has finally begun. Like for real this time, let the serial virtual boyfriend dating be-fucking-gin. Nothing can stop us now.

Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~

Also known as the game where you’re a really pretty girl and your reverse harem is full of men so charming and swoon-worthy BUT THEY CAN’T BLOODY TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOUR TOUCH MELTS ANYTHING.

Why tease me like this.

The best part is that unlike Hakuoki, the guys in this game actually want to be with you, and aren’t all about honor and detachment.


This game has hurt me in ways I cannot describe. The endings were never satisfying enough. The only person who could kiss the main character wasn’t even a human being but some space time warlord who was immortal but eventually lost his immortality to protect her so now he can’t anymore.

But in Bouquet of Rainbows, they’re probably gonna find a way to let her touch things without gloves because there probably wouldn’t be a storyline without it.

Oh by the way she gets a marriage ending with all of them.



My bad end would probably go like:

And to make things more wholesome and less trashy, it seems like she finally finds her father and gets some sort of happily ever after on her normal ending.

I’m not sure how they’re gonna do that, since we kinda killed both her little brother and father entity in the last game, so… I’m super excited to see how everything pans out.

Both games are coming out in March 2018, which means I have to finish all the 2017 otome games I’ve been putting off before then.

Sigh~ If only Norn9’s SSL gets a translation next year.

Dialolik Lovers too, goddammit.




To future Cherie,

Remember her name when you become a super villain in some parallel dimension because she doesn’t have to be any form of super to foil your plans e v e r y single time. She just has to be named K X X X X.

Ever salty,

Present Cherie

Birthday Dinner

[Me to Boss]

Me: Boss, do you know anywhere that serves good meats and steaks? I wanna bring my boyfriend there for his birthday.
Boss: Have you tried Dan Ryan’s? It’s a Chicago Grill that sells authentic Chicago food. In secondary school, if you wanted to bring a girl somewhere nice and you were a rich man’s son- like really tons of money a week or something- then you would bring the girl there. Either that or you save like f-k before you can bring.
Me: Oh cool! This sounds really good! Something new for us!

[Goes back up to the office to text the bae]

Me: B, do you wanna go eat at Dan Ryan’s for your birthday?
/Starts Googling Dan Ryan’s Menu Selection/
Bae: I don’t really have feel for clam chowder leh.

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[Honkai Impact 3rd] Power Levelling

https://www.youtube.com/ryuumabrunestud (Gaming Channel) #붕괴3 #崩坏3 #崩壊3rd #CG China: http://www.bh3.com/ Japan: http://www.houkai3rd.com/ Taiwan: http://www.tw.bh3.com/
[Honkai Impact 3rd]

Levelling in Honkai Impact is actually very easy, level 1 to 30, anyway. You can do it in less than 7 days by repeating these three easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy steps, even while being lazy about it.


  1. Daily/Story Missions

1.1 Collect Coins at Your Base
While you’re at it, level something up in your base. I’m not very sure what it does for now, haven’t quite thought about it but I’m sure it’ll come in handy late-game.

1.2 Upgrade a Weapon x3 (Story Mission)
This can be done with one basic upgrade cube per enhancement if you’re super broke and can’t spare anything else.

1.3 Upgrade a Stigma x3 (Story Mission)
Similar to 1.2, this can be done with one upgrade cube per enhancement.

1.4 Level a Valkyrie x2
This counts as acts of levelling. Which means levelling a Valkyrie from level 1 to 4 (3 levels), is only counted as 1 act of levelling. So if you’re someone who immediately maxes out his Valkyries the moment he unlocks them, don’t.
Leave one for your daily levelling.

1.5 Use up all Recovered Skill Points
You should have skills to add points to since you levelled your Valkyrie in 1.4.

1.6 Supply Shop & Cash Shop Spending
Friendship supply counts as a supply, and it’s free. So you can save your gems on pulls and other things. [Do one Friendship pull a day at least. You can get fragments which I guess is kinda neat.]
Cash Shop spending wise, spend on the fragments you can buy with coins. If you’re really broke, buy the cheapest thing in there that’s in coins.

1.7 Armada Commissions
Enter your Armada and tap into the Workshop.
> Take on a commission and either complete the entire 8-cycles or just 2 client requests.
2 requests are the minimum to complete your daily mission, but I recommend going all the way to 8 because you are guaranteed a Himeiko fragment each time you finish everything. It also contributes more to Armada funds/fame so your leader won’t kick you out at the end of the week for having the least contribution. Lol.

1.8 EXP/Event Stages
For the sake completing your dailies, go through it.
EXP stages are good for Valkyries that are not at max level.
Drop stages are more important because their rewards count towards your weapon and stigma upgrading.

  1. Daily Fragment Hunt

2.1 [Kiana] White Comet Fragment Hunt
Easiest mode to obtain, 1-3 Hard (Attempt 3 times, each time is 12 Stamina, always bring a friend support, Bronya must be present)
Shortcut to mode:
Menu > Valkyrie > White Comet > Level and CP Tab > Fragment Obtain

2.2 [Bronya] Valkyrie Chariot Fragment Hunt
Easiest mode to obtain, 1-8 Hard (Attempt 3 times, each time is 12 Stamina, always bring a friend support, Bronya must be present)
Shortcut to mode:
Menu > Valkyrie > Valkyrie Chariot > Level and CP Tab > Fragment Obtain

2.3 [Mei] Crimson Impulse Fragment Hunt
Easiest mode to obtain, 1-6 Hard (Attempt 3 times, each time is 12 Stamina, always bring a friend support, Bronya must be present)
Shortcut to mode:
Menu > Valkyrie > Crimson Impulse > Level and CP Tab > Fragment Obtain

For the above, do not worry about the about of stamina you have. You will have enough, no worries.
After you’ve completed all steps till fragment hunting, go into your mission tab and claim all your rewards. Your EXP bar should fill up by at least half or more. You will also gain additional stamina from daily mission rewards, so if you do not have enough stamina for fragment hunting, go into your mission tab to claim your rewards first.

There are also daily missions that require you to spend gems to top up your stamina and coins but it’s safe to do so just once each day, since the rewards you get from story dailies will top it up anyway.

For additional gems, take part in Energy Leaks. You can earn 10 gems each time. I’m not sure if it’s redo-able but if it is, it’s a good way to farm gems. Also, I think majority of energy leaks occur on hard modes, so each try will cost you 12 Stamina.

  1. Crystal funded EXP Pushing

This step is optional for unfunded players.
Your dailies will require you to send and complete 2 adventure quests of any rank or nature. Under your base tab, open your adventures and scroll all the way to the bottom. This is basically where you exchange a huge chunk of your hopefully excess stamina and convert it to EXP over a 3 to 4 hour period.

The most EXP that I’ve seen awarded so far is 60EXP (with additional stuff coming from the adventure itself) and you spend roughly 60 Stamina to send your Valkyries for it.  The next option is 45EXP for 30+ Stamina.

For me, this is my go-to lazy way of levelling when I’m too lazy to actually play the game itself. It works very well while I’m working, just dropping in to send my Valkyries on adventures with the excess stamina I recover over the day.

  1. Miscellaneous Things You Can Do if You’re Bored (Listed in Order of Execution)

4.1 Timed ‘Meal Times with Mei’ Daily Missions
Apparently Mei will make meals for you every day (wow) at 12-2pm (lunch) and 6-8pm (dinner).
Completing them is as easy as logging in between these timing and claiming the reward under the mission tab. You will be rewarded with additional Stamina and daily mission points to unlock the daily mission boxes at the left-hand side of your screen.

4.2 Poke You’re Valkyrie at the Captain’s Bridge
Not only does poking her make her *cough* lewder towards you, poking her enough will enable random status effects (%HP increase, % P.DEF Increase, etc) that affects your entire team during storyline/event missions for a set amount of time.

4.3 Storyline Grinding
Going through the Storyline helps you complete your story missions that award you with EXP and coins.

4.4 Additional Fragment Farming
If you have gone far enough in your storyline or recklessly grinded your hard mode in an attempt to level up instead of curiosity, you would have unlocked additional hard mode maps in your Story 1 and 2 that allows you to attempt earning fragment drops for other Valkyries.

I guess if you’re up for that, you could do it. I normally do it at night when I have nothing else better to do.

I may have missed out a few missions, but this is the bulk of things.
Of course to speed things up abit, you  can send you Valkyries for their adventures before you sleep so that you have them back in the morning to complete quests.

Hope this helps!