DNSEA: 70Cap

Waddap everyone.

You know, for someone who claims to be obsessed with her blog, I haven’t been paying as much attention to it as much as I am obliged to be. But I have a should be good enough reason as to why I haven’t been around much.

After months and months of waiting, DNSEA had finally released the level 70 cap! I’m extremely excited to nest again and hit my level cap again but not so excited for the lag.


If you’ve been keeping up, you’d realize by now that I’m a PVP player. This makes my existance in the PVE world significantly irrelevant.

FIRSTLY, what is up with the talisman system? What’s the best? I only see blue boarder talismans selling in the trading house and I have no idea how to equip them. Apparently at different slots you get different percentages of stat boost but the talisman seems to be equipped into a slot by default.

Will be needing a lot of help optimising the talisman system on my main. Someone care to explain?

SECONDLY, what is fellowship heraldry? I get it, another way to stat boost. Also means a lot more heraldry to buy when I re-gear at level 70. !@#$

THIRDLY, what the fuuuuuuck is ‘old’ and ‘new’ equipment? It’s frustrating when I tab to open my equipment and see ‘Old’ in red brackets under my equipment. I worked hard for that EQ so please, DN, don’t tell me it was so last season. It hurts, okay.

I kid. So DNSEA is turning into miniature Diablo III where you can add gems to your equipment to give it extra stats. Personally I find there things redundant, if only they didn’t make the dragon raids too fracking OP. 

LASTLY, you can say I’m whining for this one, but leveling now is excruciating. Yes, it could be because I have no time right now (or because I actually have a life) but not only are the dungeons giving us shit EXP per run, the monsters are like tanks.

I’m talking about having to attack a bat twice before it actually dies. Sure, I was playing in master mode at level 61 but oh my God, the most I should be doing is using mana on it once. Kicks don’t do shit now.

I also got killed by an NPC tree guardian on master mode. I’m so friggin’ pissed.

I’m currently stuck at level 62 now. I’m aiming to hit my cap before the month ends. At the rate I go I should be able to make it.

Why so chiong?

Because if you hit level cap by 11 March, you get a free skill reset and DN knows I need one bad.

Of course, leveling is going to be an uphill task as I battle to fend off Valentine’s dates and concentrate on studying for my mains (yeap, it’s that time again). I’m also trying not to spend money on the game.

Keyword: Trying.

So far I’ve spent $50 on altea boxes and changing my hairstyle and color. Let’s just say the onlu good thing that came from the money spent was my hairstyle and color. FML.

It’s a good thing the new sets are so ugly. Seriously, for 42bucks you think they’d at least throw in a skill. But no. I try on the costume and the first thing I’m think is ‘Why do I look like a roach.’

Anyway, I was trying for the dragon mount because it can fly. Like off the ground in the air kind of thing. Because the revamped Saint Haven is huge and confusing as f-. The lag doesn’t help either, seeing that NPCS don’t load in time for you to actually locate them and when you finally locate them, they flicker. Meaning you can’t even click them for a while.

In the hall of fame, there were already level 70s running around with dragon mounts some 9-10hours after the patch came out. At that point of time I was still in school, so no competition there.

I salute them, really. I could never go through so much grinding and not have my brain melt to mush. BRAINOFSTEEL

Allllso, my guild made it to 4th tier. I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’m guessing it’s not too bad? We missed 5th by a few points though ):

It probably has something to do with crafting desert dragon equipment because that’s what I found in my mailbox first thing when I logged on on the 11th.

Alright, I’m off to School now. Trying my best to concentrate on my subjects, wish me luck.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day whether they have a date or not. I’ll be dating DN and my books this year.


Don’t Cry for Me, Dragon Nest SEA

My apologies for not posting anything at all related to what I’m doing in Dragon Nest. To be honest, I haven’t been doing anything and if anything at all, lost interest in the game. This normally happens, so not to fear, I’m simply waiting for the next level cap to come out. I’ll make a note to introduce my new gear to you soon. I’ve procrastinated far too long. But it’s actually pretty late/early in the morning so I’m too tired to do all the screenshot-ing and introducing right now.

I’m kind of stoned, to be honest. Lol.

What was I doing again? Oh right, PICTURES. YAY.


tumblr_m3tbu499Qq1r47qt4o1_500 tumblr_mhybzuOxPN1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mi7ryjerga1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mitry77p7f1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mj6p3qmi5j1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mj7d6n14lB1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjbuueodxi1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjn25jPxFa1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjrkeq7QA81r24otho1_500 tumblr_mkafn8PDJy1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mluvw2W03d1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mmxz8tdUq71r24otho1_500 tumblr_mn92j1UTzF1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mofmfmKLco1r24otho1_500 tumblr_moj28emMbQ1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mokuol6wEr1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mpght1UMeP1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mpp3gvLd0H1s3mipio1_500 tumblr_mq06iiFGGH1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mq6qn2yhwU1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mq8ilwG8wX1r24otho1_500 tumblr_msqd9il6or1r24otho1_500 tumblr_m2ya8uesIq1rrz6ido1_500

Dragon Nest Kali Update

So I know that I’m super late this time.

I didn’t take this long to get to level 50. I actually hit the level 3 days after writing my last DNSEA post but got too caught up in ladder and PvP to write an update. PROCRASTINATION.

Anyway, level 60 cap is up and I’ve been busy training my character. But it really gets boring, since my guild members are all so hardcore and hit the level cap within two days. So I’m pretty left behind to grind by myself. My armor isn’t too fantastic so my damage is no where near decent in the new map.

But alas, this post is supposed to be while and when I hit level 50. So here are the videos! (actually, I only have two. The second one was a compilation of everything I filmed. Derp.)


Fun Fact about the above video: 

Youtube muted my audio for copyright infringement and I was lost because I didn’t know how to embed videos from other sites for the longest time.

But I googled as hard as I could and WOAHLA an embedded video. Pat on the back, Cherie!

I’ll be doing another one soon. Am very excited for it. Now, if only I can get my hands on my friend so that I can film the scenes…


It’s been quiet around here lately. Why…?

Because Kali came out recently.

Did you really think I wasn’t going to play that character? I know, I know. I didn’t play the Academic class. I didn’t want to play as a flipping lolicon.  But Kali is different. I see it as a pretty strong class. I’m playing the melee branch, Spirit Dancer, so it’ll take a while to get used to.

I’ve also finally decided to turn my sniper, lilRIE, into my PvE character. This means all the hunting of monsters would be done by her and not my Kali. Kali on the other hand, will be used for PvP so you guys would see more PvP videos with her instead of my sniper. I’ll play my sniper when I miss her.

I didn’t play Kali when she was first launched because I was working. Hardcore working, six-out-of-of 7 days-work kind of working. I was a little down that I couldn’t play her and catch up with everyone else. On the plus side, I managed to avoid insane 3 day lag in Dragon Nest (3 days is normally how much time all the pro-grinders take to get ahead of the crowd) and the level 24-32 epic items are cheaper as well. Not that I had to buy anything since everything was given to me for free thanks to the Kali event that I nearly missed.

Kali event:

Kali eventHopefully the above picture is big enough for you guys. #TWSS


I really wanted the stuff (sets and title) because it would be a huge help for my damage and stuff. I started three days ago and am pretty proud to say that I’ve hit the second achievement. Yup, level 38 in three days, baby! Don’t call me a geek okay, I’m not that bad. Oh and I prefer the term ‘Gamer’ tyvm.

Here are a few pictures of how she looked like for the past three days.

DN 2013-04-15 23-53-25 Mon

^ Level 1-24 outfit

DN 2013-04-15 23-54-41 Mon^ Level 25 till the next seven days or at least till a nicer cash package comes out.

You guys don’t really need to know her name, not only because it’s stupid (literally) but because I’m changing it soon.

I’m really unhappy with her name, it doesn’t suit her class at all. Kalis are supposed to be sexy vixens and I couldn’t think of any on the spot. The only one I could think of was hotbabexxx, which is the IGN of my sister’s Elemental Lord. So guess what I named her.


Bake-fucking-RIE. That’s right, boys and girls, caps lock the ‘RIE’ so everyone will know it’s me who is playing the character! I can’t stand this name at all. Can  you? Will update when I manage to get it changed and hopefully, by then it’d be better.

On the less angsty  side, I earned enough money to buy myself a Wolf tail equip, wings and rings that goes under cash equipment. I sold the protection jellies I got from the Level-up boxes and had a little help from my guild, who loved stalking my sniper in PvP with a burning passion. I guess all the harassment was worth it.

Videos and game play footage: 

To be totally honest, I have no idea what to do till I’m level 50. I don’t know what heraldries to buy and skill pumping as proven to be quite the bitch. Stay tuned, I plan on hitting level 50 by this week or earlier.