Maple Story Vloging?

So two days after I’d written about Jubeat and mentioned the handwork I put into my studies (as well as semi-promise a post on my school work), I am writing about another long time game that I play, which is MapleStory. Well done, Cherie. Pat on the back, Cherie.

Settle down now, I haven’t been playing Maplestory, in fact, I doubt I’d go back to playing it anytime soon (if not at all), but I do keep tabs and run rain checks on the game. For example,

  • What’s the new patch about?
  • Any new hairstyles?
  • New cash items?
  • New job classes?

Recently (or maybe not), the level cap has gone up to 250 and the famous MrYaNdAo is no more the top mapler. Instead, it’s this guy called ‘PerfectLogic’. Aye, the guy who came up with the ultimate level rushing and expensive guide infamously known as, ‘The PerfectNight Guide’. Here’s a video of him proving that his method works on his Xenon.

After watching this I felt pretty demoralized because I’ve been on Maple Story for a good 6 years, and do I have a level 200?

Mainly because I have no determination whatsoever.

Okay, so it may have been the lack of cash. Or that my equipment kept exploding on me when I tried scrolling them. Evidently, I am very easily deterred.

Any-who, my god-brother showed me his videos on a long (and not so lonely) bus ride and ever since, I have been so amused by him, I can’t stop rewatching his videos.

You’d think that someone who spends so much time on a game would have no life whatsoever but guess what? This guy actually managed to make pretty decent videos and me laugh out loud on the the bus. He talks about scamming, how to be successful in maple without using money as well as help calculate ridiculous time frames to illustrate how long it would take for everyone to reach level 250. His latest Q&A was hilarious too.

He’s also pretty damn awesome because he’s a/the high(est) ranking player who actually has time to make and edit videos just to talk to us internet people. Here are a few videos of his Vlogs:

Many people thinks he’s a hacker but you have to give him some credit. Just because he can ‘down’ chaos Zakum in 19 seconds (I know, sounds ridiculous even when I say it, right?) doesn’t mean he’s automatically a hacker. Don’t forget, he has multiple level 200 accounts. Out of all that time he’s spent on Maplestory, he’s bound to have a good amount of cash saved up in there, right? Let’s not forget, his other accounts aren’t too shabby either, and he spends a hell load on @Cash in game.

Don’t even start with calling him lifeless, he does other things like attempt to socialize with us internet people through YouTube. And the above point supports my stand in what way again…?

Let’s not forget how he’s so calm about everything. So chill. Like ‘Lol alright, you think I’m a hacker, whatever.’ then goes back to being extremely zen. Nothing like those irritating megaphone-wars squirts.


Alright, I’m off to rewatch a few of his videos and for the record, I just finished my C-COM Major Project report!

Cherie (:


Maple Zakum run

My first ever Zakum run after playing Maplestory for 6 years. Not only did I only hit level 100 with the help of Big Bang patch this year, this is my first ever boss run. Like legit, everyone-used-to-talk-about-it, kind of boss run.

I went with my brother. He’s items are pretty godly so his damage is a given. Took down most of the arms for me. I only did on of the arms. Which is pretty pathetic a damage range, seeing that we are only 15 levels apart.


Anyways, it’s pretty impossible to take screenshot after screenshot of what was happening in-game so I took a video instead. How long it took me? I have no idea. I was too busy spamming potions.

I got a zakum helm too. I have no idea what to do with it cause my Scarlion boss help is 3 stats to all better than my current zakum helm. The helm isn’t even potential-ed!

Alrighty, I’m off to the airport to study. Will be bringing my laptop with me but will be studying seriously okay!



Demon slayer patch and new permanent cash items! :D

Hello! I’m back.

Demon slayer came out yesterday and my goodness, Maple is a lag fest.

I can barely play without disconnecting and everyone looks the same! Pale skin, wings… we even look the same!

All the maps are full because everyone is do the same quests. This gives everyone an excuse to map raid freely, which really gets on my nerves.

Which is why,

I am planning to only start training my Demon Slayer next week. This means that this week, I have to hit level 130 in Kuropyon. Only Four more levels to go!

Funny things that happened to me while I was playing in my Demon Slayer account:

1) I’m a guy. 

I play as a guy in my Demon Slayer. One, so I can marry myself in maple later on, two, being a shemale in maple is pretty fun and lastly, the demon slayer character in the video was a guy so it’s only normal.

2) I am a cat. 

Yes, I am. My demon slayer’s IGN is Kur0pin, to go with my other character, Kuropyon. Apparently, Kuropin is the name of a cat in the anime, Prince of Tennis. It happened when I was doing Slime PQ. I was stoning/lagging when the party leader said: ‘Cat. Barrel 4.’

I was really at a lost of what to do. I had no idea I was a cat at that time so I ignored him. Of course, Singaporean players get pissed easily and before I knew it, he was yapping at me, actually calling my IGN this time round. So embarrassing. It’s a good thing he doesn’t know me in real life. Because then I’d be a girl and do you know, for online games, a guy pretending to be a girl is fine but a girl pretending to be a guy is just plain awkward.


3) I’m a very nice guy and many girls want to date me. (ROFL)

This happened mainly because I was playing as a guy. I’ve been really nice to people around maple okay! Good reputation. I’ve been nice enough to share maps and guide people around maple.I actually spent 15minutes teaching some girl how to glide in her demon slayer and she famed me. Only 49 fame to go! Stupid fame cap. 

Because of this, I’ve been stalked around the Resistance town. Even the girls in maple, super thick skin. Either that, or it’s just shemale guys trying to prey on other guys. But I’m a girl so it’d mean that it’s still one boy and one girl, just that we swapped genders? I don’t know where I’m going with this but it’s still something to think about.

That’s about it. I didn’t play for very long. I’m only at level 38.

Anyway, with the new patch comes new permanent cash items!

I bought a few because my hands were itching. Here’s how I look like now:

Hehe. Yeap! I can’t wait till something nice comes out for Kuropin. If not, I’ll be dressing him in a blue bath towel.


Alrighty, I’ve got to go. I’ll leave you with something I saw when waiting to go for the random event today.

It’s a clock boss that some wild hunter caught.




All the people of SUBWAY. (:


Heartattack. Risk taking, never again.

I’m in school now.

They cancelled the morning lecture but I brought my laptop to school so it’s not that bad. Anyway, much has happened over the weekend. Besides the fact that I am now level 126, there are two other events that happened over the weekend in maple that had me screaming and squirming.

So it come to that time in a maple character’s life where being high leveled just isn’t enough anymore. You have to start scrolling your equipment. Which I am. I started with my Timeless Blooms, which I cubed and it turned out pretty well.

My level for my timeless is already maxed. The weapon attack didn’t go up very much but it’s a good thing DEX did. I made up with scrolling it with Equipment Enhancement Scrolls (EES), raising my weapon’s WA to 128. I’m pretty happy with the potentials though, very contented.

No. of cubes: 5

After scrolling my timeless, I moved on to my bathrobe.

As much as I’d love to take credit for scrolling this, I can’t. I bought it from the free market because I felt it would be cheaper than buying a heck load of scrolls and get demoralized when it fails or if my robe gets destroyed in the process. Don’t ask how much. It wasn’t exactly cheap but well… it was cheap. In a strange sense. I’m currently working on it’s potential. I know it’s currently epic but seriously, what so epic about these stats? I get it that it’s a 3 liner, but I don’t really need accuracy, STR or invincibility. Next time I’ll try for DEX. 3% at least.

No. of cubes: 1 (for now)

Another thing that I got potential on was my Magic Arrow.

Firstly, I don’t understand why it’s sold so expensive in the Free Market. I guess it’s because people don’t know that you can actually buy these at the Mercedes safe town for about… 550k? Seriously people, paying 3.5m for something worth 550k isn’t worth it. Of course you’ll have to spend money getting potentials on these babies but a normal potential scroll is currently around 2.3m in free market. 70% pass rate, you can get a perfectly good Magic arrow for 2.8m. That’s still lesser than 3.5m.  The 3.5m ones aren’t even potential-ed for you!

Back to the point, I think my potential on this is also very satisfactory. I don’t see much ATT+12 arrows on the market. Of course I’ve seen 3% ATT on boss but those are hella expensive and it’s only 3%,  what the heck. Let’s not forget the 10% chance to apply Lv.6 Poison when attacking. I think that potential is pretty cute don’t you think?

No. of cubes: None

I also started on my cape. It’s fine already actually.

I scrolled it myself! ^^ Potential-ed after the first try. I bought the cape when it was potential-ed because it was cheap not because I was too lazy to hunt my own. Probably the best thing that happened to me this whole month. 6% DEX +6DEX! Happiness maximum!

No. of cubes: None

Iet me introduce to you my earrings.

Pretty beautiful a pair aren’t they? Well, I am not proud to say that I bought them. Yes, I bloody bought them. Have you any idea how much they cost me? Only the rest of my money. Here’s the back story. Originally, I had a pair of rose earrings. The really pretty level 85 ones that all the old school maple pros used to use. It had a DEX potential of +6% but it wasn’t scrolled. I scanned the market for 3 days straight but I could not find one safe scroll. Safe scroll meaning, 60%. 70% scrolls have a 50% boom rate upon failure. 

So guess what I did on the fourth day? Itchy hand. 70% earring scrolls were all that I could find and they were going so, so cheap in the market. So I bought 3. I scrolled the first one, buffs on and jumping (they say it make your character luckier) and it EXPLODED. COULD YOU IMAGINE MY FACE WHEN IT HAPPENED? 

Well I know someone who would know, I was on webcam when it happened. I was screaming and whining for 15minutes straight. I decided to pick up the phone and dial my life line, my brother, who lent my 200m to find something else that was better. Which I did, and my GOSH it was expensive. I can’t even disclose the price. It hurts too much. I still owe my brother 200m though.

Let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s far too depressing.

No. of cubes: I bought it dammit.

Moving on to the last item that I got this week. My Mark of Narnia as I call it.

Yeah man. This pendant right here. The service wasn’t that expensive. 30m? Thanks to the guild iExtistancE. They do services really well, although my time slot was delayed by a lot because some asswipe tried to bargain for 20m instead of 30m. Anyways, to get to the start map itself, I had to go through this very confusing maze of portals which I got lost in numerous times but got used to after a while. The jump quest was a bitch though. You couldn’t take your own sweet time to jump this. It was all about timing. If you were to slow, you wouldn’t be able to out run/jump the totem pole, which dealt a damage or 55k upon touch. If you notice, my life is only 4k so it’ll be an instant death for me.

After dying say…5 times, I gave up and my brother who was watching me suffer offered to take over. He got it done in 15minutes. As expected of a level 200.

As scary as the PQ seems on youtube, it wasn’t very scary during service. It was just a lot of waiting.

Another scare.

Somewhere last week, I was freaking out on twitter. This was because I got bugged. Half way through Escape PQ, My timeless DISAPPEARED. Which meant I had nothing to use and my damaged dropped like crazy, not like I could do any harm without a weapon anyway. But I really freaked out, because that’s what I simply loved looking at while I’m camping for PQs. Its nice to look at an epic equipment okay, all glowing and pretty.

I thought I was robbed! I practically contemplated quitting maple for good. ROFL.

Well, good thing it was back when I relogged. If not I’d have been depressed.

Alrighty. It’s 10.15am. Got to run to my next lecture.

I’ll update on more stuff I scroll. If I have enough money to scroll.



Cassiopeia characters

Hello everyone! I’ll be writing to introduce my Cassiopeia characters today! Sorry if the pictures are small. I had to crop them so that you’ll actually see my characters. Ahaha~

This is my main in Cassiopeia, killRIE. She’s the guildmaster of the guild, SUBWAY, which is affiliated with the guild, SakaeSushi.  I have a thing for food see.

My guild isn’t exactly famous or well known. All the people in the guild are friends, neighbours and school juniors. The juniors are in the affiliated guild. We aren’t too crazy about our levels in Cassiopeia. We do dumb stuff and occasionally, level up.

My guild is pretty damn international.

killAKI  is from Malaysia. Malaysian, Chinese.

There’s me, Singaporean, Chinese.

killEGG is Singaporean, Eurasian.

Other than that, we have people all the way from Australia and Indonesia.

Here’s a few (a lot actually)  pictures of the dumb stuff we do on maple.

^Suicide mission

^ Doing this used to be so in.

^ Ignore the guildname. This is a very old photo.

^ I don’t know who ExRept is. But we did Kerning PQ like this. For one round anyway.

Alright I guess it’s time to introduce BUBBLES.

DISCLAIMER: Husband’s name has been censored for reasons I do not want to disclose.

Anyone. This boy over here, shall be codenamed, BUBBLES, from now on.

Background story:

I bought this character (because it was very much my sub account) a bubbles cash shop overall. It was permanent then. But every time he went into his account, he would change into the above outfit, saying he didn’t want to look like a pervert on maple. I personally thought he look quite cute.


We got married mainly because of the ring, which was +3 to all stats. At that time, rings were really hard to come by. A +3 to all stats ring was not only uncommon, but expensive and we didn’t have that kind of money. But in a way, we DID have money. If you see where I’m coming from.


We decided getting married was better than trying to buy mesos or trying our luck at gachapon. Both were risky and most probably, not worth it. Not saying that spending real life cash to but something in cash was the best choice we had made on Earth, but hey. It was the better of the evils.

^ I don’t know where to put this photo so I’m just going to leave it here.

Moving on, when we got to the wedding village, we had no idea how to get married at all. In fact, till this date, we still don’t know how we managed to get married. We just know that we got the ring so that’s all that matters.

Here’s a short story on the troubles we faced, getting married in maple.

There was once two maplers who wanted to get married.

So they bought cash and entered the wedding village where they saw Alegro, the ring making master (apparently). 

The guy was very gentlemanly. 

Problem was, he didn’t know how to get the ring for her. 

So the girl tried to help.

But that didn’t work either. So they decided to turn to Google. Because Google knows everything.

She found out soon enough and decided that doing everything through the guy’s account would be much easier.

She forced him out of his account.

The guy didn’t want to but because he was so gentlemanly, he gave in and logged out. After giving her his password of course.

And the girl took over.

Had a little bit of fun in his account…

Then got down to business. 

And they finally got married. 

The End.

That was pretty much what happened. Of course, there were very epic maple dates.

Sometimes we get angry at each other in maple. Whether it’s selling the wrong equipment off at the wrong price.

Most of the time it’s just me.

But we still have a heck load of fun.

Love ya, Bubbles!

Good news though! Bubbles is coming to Aquila to play with me. We may actually have another episode on maple life. I can see it already.



Alright. I’m really tired. First day of school and I want to fling myself off a building already.

Off to nap!



P.S Censoring sucks.