Crafting Guld Milla

This is probably the achievement of the year for me.

As everyone knows, I’ve been MIA from real life for quite a while because I’ve been playing this game called ‘Phantasy Star Online 2‘. In a nutshell, I was supposed to be playing this game solely to get revenge on a certain couple but fate decided to chain me to the game by having an online friend talk me into starting a team.

So now I’m here, already hopelessly addicted to the game when I decide to take things a step further.

Since the time I got my Guld Millas, I’ve been obsessed with them, to a point that I decided to make them in real life.
How the Millas look like.

The feat had seemed easy enough, till I was met with time constraint due to the start of my current full time job but with the help of a cosplay buddy, I was able to get the job done within 3 weekends.

Here’s how I did it:

Before this step, I had already weighed and sprayed (that rhymed) my M-9s because I didn’t think of documenting everything at the earlier stages.
This is a little bit of homework my cosplay buddy, Dom had me do, mainly because I left my silver spray paint at home and had to spray the gun magazines silver.
I am aware that the actual magazine is blue as well but I thought the gun needed more colours other than black, blue and green.
For the wings, I cut them out of wood and sprayed them blue over an initial coat of dull black. Half way through, we ran out of dull black and decided to just wing it and sprayed everything royal blue. It turned out okay except for a few beams of uneven drying.

We also decided that we wouldn’t have enough blue paint to go around so we rushed down to Art Friend for more blue paint and came back. On the way back, it started raining and we were kind of worried about whether our stuff would get wet because we were leaving them out to dry.
Back at Dom’s house, we sprayed the guns blue and started painting on the details. It felt really awesome to finally hold a paintbrush again, you have no idea.
The sun set while we were still painting and we used the phone’s flashlight to see things clearly.
With everything finally done, we started gluing everything together.
We were super excited to have so much done, we almost forgot to glue the magazines on LOL.
And finally, how they turned out!

I have the greatest time crafting milla and probably wouldn’t have been able to do shit if it wasn’t for all his help. Super thankful for having him around.

What’s left is to get my miko together for AFA, though I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it through since the package may have been lost in the mail. I have, however, ordered a school uniform online and I really hope it’ll arrive on time together with my wig.

Pray that everything comes together well!

93 Screenies Later

10383080_825717547460783_4923780402673695004_n (1)Wassap guys! It’s been a long while and I know that you’d be expecting me to return with stories of whether I’m graduating or not but you know what? TOO BAD. Because I’ve been on PSO2 so much, I’ve got too many screenies and it’s kind of pissing me off.

So… What have I been up to?

LIFE OF PI Nya PicMonkey Collage1 POTATO
Besides spoofing blockbuster shows and cloning myself, of course.

Taken 1 month into PSO2:
pso20140716_224016_004 pso20140717_000604_008 pso20140717_215218_001 pso20140719_171249_000 pso20140720_213154_003 pso20140720_222202_005 pso20140724_002312_001 pso20140724_004219_006      pso20140728_054115_002 pso20140728_061534_004 pso20140730_221848_001 pso20140730_224009_005
Basically, I got my very first AC outfit and it marked the start of my expenditure on PSO2. I also developed a certain love of taking screenshots and wrecking havoc in other player’s rooms. PSO2 also manage to have me stay up all night doing a crap load of stupid things such as:

Trying to balance on the storage terminal:
Leading a Lagomite army:
Riding Carthegos:
Taking Scandalous of my team members:
Filling people’s rooms with really useless stuff like:


While questing, I managed to find a Mesetan(?) which is literally a huge floating Meseta monster that doesn’t really do much damage but gives you alot of money.
pso20140802_175505_000 pso20140802_175507_001 pso20140802_175509_002
And as my insane hardcore gaming progressed, I managed to take nice (or at least more interesting) pictures while I was in normal or Urgent quests:
12 man PSE Burst:
pso20140819_224716_000 pso20140819_224719_001
Seriously couldn’t see anything for a good 5 seconds. The only thing you can do is to randomly lock on to something and shoot/attack away.
Northern Lights Weather:
I really liked this picture. As you can see, I changed my outfit again, courtesy of a generous online friend. Woooooooo~

Story time, Crazy antics and really bad luck:

#Story 1
There was this one time
I was happily running around Skyskape WHEN SUDDENLY,
A wild Fhan Jee appears.
A Fhan Jee chases after you or a certain player in the map and kidnaps you to another side of the map. You will be confined in a dome and monsters will start spawning inside and around the dome trying to killing you. Naturally, your task is to not die before your friends run over to bust you out from the outside.
Basicall, if you’re a lowbie, it’ll feel like this:
But if you’re geared enough, you’d be like:

If you think about it, a Fhan Jee is PSO2’s version of monster rape. Just saying.

This isn’t really a bad thing for me because most of the time I don’t struggle in trying to stay alive in the dome. If anything, most people would be chasing after the Fhan Jee, begging it to take them but alas, the red swirling toilet bowl rape monster only had eyes(?) for me then.

I was already at the max level cap, so bring it on, right?


What happened next was truly terrifying in itself. I’m not sure if you can make out anything, but I’m gonna leave this picture here for abit.

When I say dome, it isn’t really big to start with. What happened was what once in the dome at the other side of where my party members were on the map, a Quartz Dragon crashes into my dome.

Till this day, I wish my reaction was:

‘Gahd, QD, gtfo of my dome.’

Instead I’m in RaidCall like:
And while I was frantically dodging and rolling around within the dome, fishes are biting my rather under-geared self and dealing 200damage  to my pathetic 700hp and I’m like:
THEN it start flippin’ storming and making me flinch in between my rolls and I’m like:

And there my party-mates were, laughing at me through Raidcall and taking screenies from the outside.
EVENTUALLY, they came to save me and we didn’t fail the code because a teammate was healing me from the outside (as he laughed, mind you).

So we were in an Urgent Quest one day and we came across a Bayze.

A Bayze is supposedly a ball of dark matter that forms randomly as an Emergency Code in a map. The longer you leave it, the bigger it grows and eventually, it explodes, covering the entire map in red rain that is poisonous and very damaging. While the Bayze grows, it can damage you. It also can damage you with it’s tentacles that come up from the ground.
I know what you’re thinking. A Bayze is a tentacle monster from Japanese Hentai.

It is.

ANYWAY, we like ‘growing’ the Bayze because if we manage to defeat it at it’s last stage of growth, there was a chance that a some sort of boss monster, Ragne or Gwanada, would spawn from within the Bayze.

I’m nor sure if I regret taking this picture or not because a few seconds after, I got one-shotted by a random passing-by Dagan (mob).  But at least I can show you guys what Red Rain looks like.

I hit level 50 cap on both my main and sub class within the first two and a half weeks (because I have no life) and decided to start farming Xcubes for augmentation.

I saw the exp requirement for an xcube (1.1million Exp) and nearly died.
I give up
Unfortunately, I didn’t and now I’m forced by my perfectionist side to max everything out or make my equipment as imba (pro/high level/overpowered) as it can go.

How I trained from level 40 to 50:

Initially, I had stored over 50 quests from Franca(Mob drop Quest), Cressida(Loser/Pebble quests), Girad(Rare mob) and Emeline(Weather Quest) but it only brought me up 4 levels, which I thought wasn’t so bad until I realized that the EXP from Hard to Very Hard mode wasn’t exactly a ‘one step for me, a huge step for man kind’ kind of thing.

The only thing I can tell you is that you’ll only be motivated to grind from 40 to 45. After which, everything after is a huge grind fest. Most of the time, I was waiting around for Urgent Quests and helping out team mates.

Or maybe taking random photos like so: 

pso20140909_184239_000 pso20140909_184835_013 pso20140909_184948_017 pso20140919_215242_000
Enter Rie and Zan.
Forever everywhere together, mainly because everyone has lives and we don’t.
He’s my lobby, study and grind buddy when it comes to PSO2. Like, totally my bestfriend right now.

pso20140910_164316_000 pso20140915_190641_010pso20140916_144337_003pso20140916_153814_009
I mean, tell me we aren’t the most photogenic characters in the whole of PSO2 right?

Meeting the ENDGAME:
When I talk about the ‘ENDGAME’ with my buddies in real life, it refers to a guy who’s actually going to succeed in tying me down (again and for good) but when I saw End Game here, I mean my End Game weapon. That’s right, I managed to get my

Guld Millas

That’s right, Milla, just me and you, forever and ever, babe.
It’s gonna be really hard to upgrade and augment but

Virtual love moment over, I managed to get Milla after quite a few runs with Falz Elder, a new Urgent Quest that doesn’t appear alot so Milla is really hard to come by.

To get to Elder, you need to finish one Falz Arms map.
Arms maps are rather tricky because it requires you to kill the exactly same mob when there are 4 identical ones running and flopping  the map. Occasionally, they merge together to form what looks like a train that rushes around the map. One blind spot is directly under where the Arms merged. It’s called the curling spot. I do run for the curling spot alot but get killed by lag or if I’m off the spot by even a step.

When we finish Falz Elder, my team allows one person to break the gem, most of the time with either a Vraolet or Nyoibo due to their potentials. Guld Milla drops from this stage’s gem.
After Milla, I discovered Darker’s Den from Time Attack (VH mode), where your gateship literally crashes into a nest or world of D-arkers (they’re the bad guys) and you get this really rad cutscene with you in it.

pso20140910_230512_001 pso20140919_231648_003
But seriously, the map itself was rather hard and confusing to do the first time round, especially when I was barely geared at that time. Gradually, I got better at it and could lead my team through but wow, farming for the map itself was tiring as fudge and I only attempted doing so on Fridays while I’m boosted with coffee.

I’m not even going to lie now, but most of my time spent on PSO2 now is spent slacking off or what we call ‘lobby points’. It doesn’t even make grammatical sense.

‘What are you doing now?’
‘Idk. Lobby points.’

The next few screenies are of really random things my team and I do and I will attempt to caption them all:

^Having drinks because Dadu and Monica cheated us of our money during upgrading and augmenting.
^Dancing around that one guy who’s afk-dancing in the lobby.
^When suddenly, a Rappy army.
^Stripping for augmentation money.
^You shall not get a higher trick-dart score than me because I am the sexiest distraction alive.pso20140930_192313_013pso20140930_192552_015
^Cages in quarters because Rappies.

^Hella fabulous.
^If you ain’t got it.
^If you do got it.
^ Featuring Rie as ‘Side Chick’
^Featuring Zan as ‘My Bitch’
^ I actually didn’t know that characters could blink and it’s so human, I don’t even know anymore. Either way, it’s a nice picture.
The day I got so bored, I got married:
It was the best marriage ever. 
pso20140927_223421_006 pso20140927_223900_010  pso20140927_224707_013        pso20140927_225054_024
Currently, we’re Ranked 4 in Ship 2! We’ve come a long way since Rank 16(?) at a strength of 82 of us!

I’m not really sure how we got here but we are and after so many months of gameplay, I’m so happy to have close online friends again :>

I love you guys~

How I Started PSO2

The wordpress has been rather dead recently, in a sense that I’m struggling to post things because my life has been extremely uninteresting, aside from my insatiable appetite for peanut butter sandwiches and coffee while I battle against keeping my love life void.

I haven’t even been going down to my usual haunt, Atom Comics, mainly because I’m currently addicted to this game called Phantasy Star Online 2. In all honesty, I have no idea how I’m about to pull myself away from the game long enough to write this post but I’m determined to try.


I’ve been playing this game for a good month and a half now and it’s safe to say that I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m not sure how everything started, really. I’d started playing with the sole intention of stalking a couple of friends (whom I’m not really sure are already a couple or not) and basically terrorizing them any chance I got (because I’m a bitter bitch) but I’d managed to get the wrong server altogether and simply gave up.

Obviously I didn’t care much about them because the moment I started the game, I was so taken in by the play-style and character customization that I forgot about my rather-poorly-planned mission entirely.

As I started the game as one lone girl at 3am in the morning, I’d tirelessly approached people online in game for help with rookie questions. Turns out that most people on PSO2 aren’t very chatty and I ended up having to score through forums looking for skill builds and such.

I did end up screwing up my Mag once, hence:
Oh well, I guess the whole point of starting a new game is trail and error, right?

When I finally found my bearings, I started planning for the moving of my character to Ship 1, Feoh, to resume stalking but I put it off because I’d managed to make a few friend as I was busying questing and figuring everything out. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of both our avatars together because at that point of time, I didn’t know how to use the screenshot function. ._.

Either way, I told him about my plans of moving to Ship 1 and though he was rather hesitant, he said he would consider. Together, we decided that we’d think about that question again when we were both level 30 to our then level 25’s. But our little level cap turned into 35 and then BAM. I was at the max level (level 40), waiting for him to max out so that we could start our sub-classes. Yes, that was how far off point we were from the plan.

When we finally started our sub-classes, we met friends who farmed the same maps at us at that time and we grew close because we realized that we were all just a rowdy bunch of bullshitters.

It started with one friend,
And eventually we drew.
As you can tell, I still didn’t know how to use the screenshot function then because my chatboxes were still visible.

With a whole bunch of friends gaming together, my friend Air, the guy with the yellow wings, suggested making a new team/guild for all of us to play in, making farming much easier.

AND SUDDENLY, BAM. Team NIX was born. 

And I was the leader of a group of 11 or so gamers from all over SEA. The start up was pretty hectic. I barely slept, looking for quicker ways to max everything out in the new team and to be a good team leader. I was clocking 4hour sleep patterns within the first week of team set up, trying to max both my main and sub-classes out all while keeping up with team quests and levels. I thought everything wasn’t going to work out, but with the support of my friends, we pulled through :>

When we finally settled down with a Facebook group and team flag, recruitment began and we grew even more. I’m not sure how it happened, but NIX is now at 50 members from just over 3 weeks and ranks within the top 30 teams in Ship 2. I couldn’t be more proud of my team, really.

As the days went by, everyone started to max their characters out and the real farming and crazy antics began.
pso20140608_200216_000 pso20140701_193854_001
We started with cloning each other and running around maps to freak people out.
pso20140630_231434_003 pso20140702_234321_000
Then we started blowing each other up with bombs just so that we could hold funerals and dance around our fellow comrades’ dead body.
We even attempted a photo-taking but were interrupted by a horde of mobs.
And of course, terrorizing each other by refusing to help in mini codes that appeared randomly on maps. For all seasoned PSO2 players, yes, that’s a Vol Dragon in a Fhan Jee. Good thing I wasn’t the one in the dome >.<

Just when we thought we’d run out of things to do, we discovered Personal Quarters, which unlocked a whole new level of epic because we got to leave furniture we hunted from mobs in each others rooms, providing the other person had one.

We started with our own team member’s
pso20140629_173220_000 pso20140622_020824_003
And gradually moved on to other people’s quarters.
10306164_471633919640159_994590831073793497_n 10431496_471633896306828_8337097835208248612_n 10410341_471633926306825_2371051806030250374_n
The above room had a DSLR camera furniture that could take really nice photos of our avatars so we camwhored with it. I’m not sure if the photos would be visible to the owner, SeiChai(?), who is the currrent Team Leader of Exodus, one of the top teams in Ship 2. I have quite the competitive streak when it comes to gaming so I didn’t like the team at first but when I finally met the guy, I found him really nice. Not sure about his members, though.

Anyway, I’m having a blast online, where my heart truly belong and I hope will stay put where it is. I’m Cherie and am currently craving a coffee bun. Will be heading down to buy one before getting back to gaming.

If you would like to join me on PSO2SEA: 

Contact my team and I on the forums!

See you around~