I am: 

Cherie Sim

  • Chinese
  • Singaporean
  • 1.7m tall
  • A health freak
  • Very self-conscious
  • A daydreamer
  • A very literal person
  • A real life lagger
  • Very easy to scare
  • Obsessed with this blog
  • Very forgetful
  • Very bad with faces (I can even forget my own)
  • Pretty mean on my twitter

And I

  • Always have my steak rare
  • Have a very dirty mind so I say so myself
  • Managed to get my heart broken by someone I haven’t even met in person
  • Rarely hold grudges, but don’t push me!
  • Get attached too easily, not the ‘in a relationship’ kind of way
  • Have ‘snapped’ before and it got pretty bloody  crazy
  • Have a (bad?) habit of writing in block letters
  • Worry too much
  • Always thought ManuLife was a University (not an insurance policy)

My superpowers include: 

  • Jogging and texting
  • Zoning out while running
  • Bullshitting through theory based papers
  • Jamming the printer
  • Stubbing my toes too often
  • Overprinting when using the printer
  • Forgetting very important dates (like my supplementary exam dates so I had to retake)
  • Missing the bus
  • Breaking my bones and other clumsy things I do to accidentally abuse my body
  • Washing dishes
  • Googling  my homework
  • Answering too many lame jokes correctly
  • Breaking all my nails

I like:

  • Big butts and I cannot lie
  • Wigs
  • Desserts
  • Keeping organized
  • Writing things down
  • Making lists
  • Being totally random
  • Dimsum
  • Baking and cooking
  • Pretty notebooks and colour pens
  • Writing little notes and letters to my friends
  • Giving my friends food that I make/bake
  • Coffee (Iced Americanos, especially.)
  • Singing
  • Cosplaying
  • Keeping things clean
  • Reading manga
  • Dancing like a little slut (In the comfort of my own room, thank you very much.)
  • Drawing
  • When people buy me small little things randomly because it shows that they think about me (Only applies to if I buy you stuff first.)
  • The food channel
  • Sitting next to people who smell nice

I love:

  • The internet
  • Clichés
  • Rainy days
  • Walking around in nice weather
  • Music, specifically punk rock, pop, Jrock and acoustic
  • Nutella
  • Dressing up pretty
  • Playing scenarios in my head all the time
  • Reading steamy romance novels (I’m not shy about it!)
  • Literature
  • Cinnamon anything
  • Seeing people smile
  • Sleeping
  • Smiling like I mean it
  • YAOI.
  • My gaming
  • Kisses. (So far I’ve only gotten to looking at gifs and watching movies)
  • eBooks!
  • Cracking very lame/cold/corny jokes
  • Gold. (Not the color, but the jewelry. And for the record, I buy my own.)
  • Poetry

I dislike: 

  • Awkward situations
  • Being told off
  • People who lie to me. (I don’t hate them because everyone lies once in a while)
  • People who say they’ll not do something again but still do
  • People who are nosy
  • People who let the conversation die
  • Places with too many people
  • Places with too-loud music
  • People who curse in dialect. (I curse in dialect too, but most of the time it’s to make people laugh)
  • People who are too headstrong
  • Eating dinner
  • Materialistic people

I hate: 

  • Watching other people sing covers (Because I get jealous. Simple as that.)
  • Attention seeking people
  • When people use ‘=.=’ or ‘-.-‘ on me
  • When people walk so slowly while they transfer trains during rush hour
  • Emperor’s vegetable
  • Whiny people
  • Drama
  • People who don’t want to help themselves
  • People who are too touchy-feely
  • When my full name is called because normally it mean I’m in trouble for something

You make it to my shit list if you: 

  • Buy me things when I specifically tell you not to
  • Wipe your sweat on me
  • Try to carry my bag
  • Lie to me and I find out because one way or another I will find out
  • Blue tick me on Whatsapp

Things I find attractive in boys: 

  • Black hair no longer than his shoulder
  • Small eyes. (Not too small though)
  • Height
  • Well built and toned. (Not too muscular please, it’s intimidating!)
  • A deep voice
  • Mysterious to a certain extent, for me to explore
  • Able to have deep conversations with me
  • A man with a goal in life
  • A gentleman
  • Being able to play a musical instrument or
  • Being able to dance or
  • Being able to sing
  • When he wears a suit or tux
  • Witty
  • A champion smile
  • The ability to make me smile
  • Boyish features

Although it’s unfair on so many levels. I only list these out because I read too much fiction and the characters sound so good to be true, when in reality, if I like someone, I just do. 

Things I find attractive in girls:

  • Short hair (like pixie short)
  • Cat-eyes
  • A cheeky smile
  • Firm and practical
  • Unaffected by many things
  • Can laugh at any kind of joke
  • Badassery (derived from the word term ‘Bad Ass’)
  • The ability to say ‘No’
  • Wit
  • Boobs and Butts
  • Especially the butt.

What I’m good at: 

  • O2Jam
  • DJMax
  • Being lazy
  • Observing people
  • Gaming
  • Writing
  • Listening

My favourite:

  • Colour is Red or Maroon
  • Female comic book character is Poison Ivy
  • Male comic book character is Deadpool…?
  • Words include ‘Actually’, ‘Probably’, ‘Perhaps’ and ‘If anything’. (Quite trash words if I say so myself)
  • Number is 3
  • Meal of the day is Breakfast.


  • I don’t ever want to be famous (I like thinking about it, but I don’t think I can ever take the hate that comes with it)
  • I have a chopstick OCD (I’m working on it.)
  • I like long bus rides (Like really long 3-hours-if-possible kinds)
  • I have stage fright
  • I drink far too much water
  • My right leg is longer than my left (This makes me sway my hips a little more so the limp isn’t too obvious.)
  • I don’t wear heels often (I’d love to, but it’s so awkward when it makes you taller than half the population)
  • I only eat chocolate when on my period
  • My dreams are all subtitled

Celebrity Crushes: 


  • Erza Miller
  • Devon Bostick
  • Kellin Quinn
  • Tyson Ritter
  • Logan Lerman
  • Alex Watson
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Nishikido Ryo
  • Eiji Wentz
  • Matsumoto Jun <- Borderline Girl Crush I swear
  • Yamashita Tomohisa
  • Evan Lester
  • Joe Brooks
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Haruma Miura
  • Joo Ji Hoon


  • Emma Watson
  • Emma Stone
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Beyonce
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Sasha Grey

2 thoughts on “CheatSheet

  1. Holy crap Rie. I was searching for Exodus’ forums, when I stumbled on your blog. You rank way better on the keywords ‘pso2 sea team exodus forums’ than we do. And I love your blog. Not joking. It’s really refreshing. Keep on writing dude.

    – Shizu

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