I’m working I swear


I’m back and am currently typing this at work because I currently am procrastinating on calling people when it’s so close to lunch. All I ever remember doing during my part time job is calling people. It started with 10 people on the first day, 50 on the second and 100 the next. NOW, I have to call people back for both me and my other colleague because she had to go back to school for her Final Year Project (FYP).

I hate calling people so much, I don’t even know where to start but here’s a pretty accurate adaptation of how I feel half way through calling.

And FYI, I did get poked by a pencil like that.

I threw the pencil away but my thumb still hurts.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what I’m actually doing here, meaning I don’t actually have a fixed job. Most of the time I help my supervisor (because that’s my actual job scope stated in my contract) but other departments mobilize me (E.g Calling people all day.) to help them with stuff. It’s probably because they’re more familiar with me (you know being an intern here before and all), so it’s easier to ask. Kind of makes me feel like everyone’s little bitch, though it’s better than dying of boredom and rotting into my chair.

In social life news, I’ve been making new friends everytime I go to the comic store. Good friends, nice friends, friends who speak languages I don’t understand and new friends who make me feel weird around them. Which is a first. I’ve never exactly felt weird around people. It could be a sign that he may be my long lost brother who was cast out because he wasn’t awesome enough.

NAW. Not even close. No way.

Nevertheless, I’ve been having fun after work as I try my best not to step on any tails. For one, some people don’t like their heads pat and for another, being told what to do. The hair part, I understand, just not the latter. How else are you going to work if you aren’t going to let people tell you what to do? /bitter
Well, unless you set up your own company, then I’ll have nothing to say.


I’ve also been thinking about my love life. I don’t exactly have one for obvious reasons if you read earlier into my blog. But people are starting to ask me why and are speculating if I’m lying about never having one. How can someone with a mind as dirty as mine have no boyfriend (ever)? *gasp* She must be lesbian.

But I’m not, okay. God knows I love dick too much. Just not in the way most people intend it for.

Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks

  • Pro: Their dicks

I hate to say this, but someone’s been pissing me off a lot and I can’t put my finger on why, I just feel like

Yes. This picture would be a very accurate depiction of how I feel towards him.
I admit, it could very well be my problem because his actions clashes with what I believe in, but I’ve never felt so repulsed in my life. Then again I may or may not have been a bitch to him. But whatever.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.

Sigh. My life has been so boring since I started work. It could be because of my period and I’m practically bleeding out but NO.
My feelings do not rule me! Yeah right.

Here’s a gif I found on tumblr. I’m off to fiddle with Photoshop and call more people.


Curious about myself: My Star Sign


“So go straighten up that bow
And un-quiver your arrows
And then you
You let the arrow go
And the string snaps and loosens
And the order has abandoned us I know”

And people ask me why I’m so obsessed with bows and arrows. Isn’t it the most logical? If you learn archery or shooting, you can shoot your target from afar without risking your life in melee. You could do so many things with the arrow too. Poison, fire or spiked? The possibilities are endless, plus you get to look really smooth and elegant. Why not?!

Pity that I don’t do well in-game with archers. Yes, my archer in Dragon Nest still sucks at PvP. My Kali does better now.

But if it isn’t already obvious enough, I’m a Sagittarius, the sign that wields the bow and arrow! I never really thought my star sign applied to me much when I was younger, but the more I grew up, I realized I started to grow into my star sign, which both fascinates and terrifies me.

Here is what I found online about my star sign. I simply googled ‘Sagittarius girl’ and these were the first few results. I bold-ed just a little, but I guess almost everything applies :\ Whatever you find online about you doesn’t always sing praises!

Sagittarius Woman

(Dum, dum, dum)

A Sagittarius woman lacks tact and her flat, on-the-face statements may make you feeling like running away from her. Then, suddenly, she will say something so charming that you will feel as if you are on the seventh heaven. There, you go again! You will be trapped in her charm once more. Once you have been enamored by a Sagittarius girl, you will be staying with her for a long time. She is pleasant, friendly, outspoken and very talkative. Her forthrightness comes form the fact that she has no illusions about the world.

She sees it exactly as it is and says what she sees. At times, you may wish that she were not so honest. But then, she would be like any other girl, wouldn’t she? In all probability, you will not like it. A Sagittarian female is very optimistic, but she is not irrational. She will judge the entire situation as per the facts, analyze its probable outcome and still believe that things will get better. Usually, she is very calm and composed. However, when you become rude to her or offend her, she may become like the fire-spitting dragon.

Sagittarius women are quite independent and love their freedom. They are attached to their family, but not too much. If you want to get something done from a Sagittarian female, just ask her; don’t order. She will never ever do it. She is your better half and don’t you dare forget that. (HAHAHA) On the other hand, she doesn’t want a sissy for a husband or boyfriend. He has to be a real man, who has his ego and won’t stand for nonsense. So, you will be expected to balance politeness with firmness.

I know it’s difficult – but then, since when was winning someone easy. With a Sagittarius girl, you will never have to guess. She says what she thinks and how she acts shows what she feels. This bluntness may cost her heavily at times, even to the point of ending the relationship. Still, she would act as if she’s not hurt at all(lie, lie, lie) and it is just one of the many harmless flirtations she’s had. People will even believe all this, while inside she will be weeping and nursing her wounds. All this time, she will be analyzing what went wrong and when. 

The word ‘marriage’ makes a Sagittarian female a little nervous and you will need to tempt her in order to make her settle down.(Cinnamon Buns) She is a little hard to catch and tends to be one of the boys all the time. That doesn’t mean she looks or acts like a man! Infact, she is as female as any other girl is. The society and its norms do not matter to her. She can never be the hypocrite that some people are and tend to wiggle a few tongues. Her honesty and brusqueness further add to the negative opinions.

Don’t be fooled by them. Look deep inside a Sagittarius female and you will find a woman who is so enthusiastic about life and who trusts easily. Infact, this extreme belief makes her heart vulnerable and defenseless. It gets broken too often, but then, she knows how to move on with life. You will be tempted to care for her. It’s natural. There are hardly any people who can resist the bright and charming disposition of a Sagittarius girl. She will not be too good with money  and will most probably be on the extravagant side. (HAHAHA Future husband beware ;D )

She is very sentimental and emotional, though it seems otherwise. It just that, where her feelings are concerned, she becomes too shy. After marriage, your house will always remain sparkling clean, even if you don’t have a maid to do that. She cannot stand sloppiness, it doesn’t appeal to her sensibilities. She may not be too good at cooking, but she will also not burn your egg every day. A Sagittarian girl may pass the most sarcastic comments when she is angry, but she will forget the resentment soon enough. Then, she won’t understand why are you so upset. (Oops ): ) 

As a mother, she will be very friendly with the kids. Infact, she will be more of a chum (GDI.), than a mom. Only, you will have to teach them to take her bluntness with a pinch of salt. Apart from that, she will be wonderful and make them as independent as she is. She will be a lovely hostess to guests and make them feel at home. Just let her be what she is. Don’t try to change her and don’t curb her individuality. She will brighten your life with her optimism, boost you with loyalty, trust you blindly and shower her affection on you. She will encourage you to see dreams and help you in making them come true!

I don’t know what happened over the years but when I was still a kid, everyone always laughed at my star sign because the internet kept saying Sagittariuses couldn’t be loyal, that they liked their freedom (which apparently they still do) and that we were flirts. Altogether really negative traits on my part so I never really told anyone that I was proudly Sagittarius. Not that I’ve grown into a total slut, but I guess I sort of understand why horoscopes say we’re ‘flirts’ or ‘social butterflies’. I’m actually really fond of people in general. I like studying them, and the only way to do so is to get closer to them. Then again, I’d rather not write as if I’m treating everyone I talk to like a science project, though if the person intrigues me enough, I’d write up a report on him/her in my free time. Just one of my guilty pleasures.

So I guess I’ve grown to be more accepting of who I am? Even though a person shouldn’t be entirely defined on what their birth month was. If that was so, I’d be an Aquarius, since I was born a premature baby.

Well that was an interesting read, let’s see what else I can gather next time round!


Cheap-o things I plan on doing during my holidays


I’m writing this is August and my holiday is still a whole month away. I know. But I can’t help but feel so LAZY. The plan was to finish my internship and go back to Jewel to part-time again. But 4 months down the road, here I am feeling so tired of everything. It’s not the same depressive ‘tired’ I’ve been before, it’s the ‘Oh my God. I just want to rot into my bed. The bed and I must become one’ kind of tired.

There really isn’t anything wrong with me staying home, in fact, I might actually get on with finishing the books I never had the time to read during my internship and watch all the movies I’d been downloading. But you don’t expect me to not spend any money over a course of 71 days right? I need some form of income, right?


I have so many reasons excuses not to. The dishwasher would ruin my face because it makes the pores open and let dirt in. My nails would break and I’d go through another air-headed meltdown. My back will hurt. It’s hot in there. I don’t think my pay is justifiable for what I do. Blah blah blah, insert bimbotic rant. Oh God, I’ve morphed into a bimbo. A depressed bimbo? Naw, that’s an oxymoron. I shan’t comment any further.

So what am I going to do? Work and hate it? Or rot at home and go broke.

Enter the start of this post, Cheap-o things I plan on doing during my holidays.

Life is all about compromise. In my case, it’s not possible for me to spend nothing at all over the holidays. Friends would want to hang out and I’d probably spend a hundred bucks or so on my gaming. Not to mention I’m trying to get my cosplay costume together, but that’s another headache altogether. I refuse to think about it. I decided that the only way to ride my financial dry spell out was to go broke at a slower rate. This means not buying Altea boxes in Dragon Nest (unless absolutely necessary. For example, ‘if I donn’t get that pair of wings from the box, I’d DIE’ kind of necessary) and start doing simple nails (I’m going from a classic french manicure this month to save on cost) so I won’t feel an extreme compulsive need to do infills for them in September.

The little things would count as well while I’m hanging with friends, such as not drinking so much commercially branded coffee and staying away from toy stores. That would include not buying drinks if I were to go out to bars at night with friends. Since I first went to a club, it’s like I owe everyone a club date. Hnnng…

Let’s start with things closer to home.
Like what I can do at home, basically.


  • Wake up in the afternoons (yes, sleeping is an activity for me.)
  • Go for morning jogs
  • Watch Movies and Sitcoms
  • Read books I haven’t finished or gotten to read
  • Do random challenges on the internet (e.g 2 girls 1 cup, boku no pico, cinnamon challenge, etc)
  • Attempt to fast
  • Queue more posts on my WordPress
  • Irritate people in the house
  • Make another Dragon Nest video
  • Make a Maple Story video
  • Paint my toenails
  • Help cook lunch/dinner
  • Attempt to get to my room from the ground floor because THE FLOOR IS LAVA
  • Attempt to laugh myself to tears
  • Sew something
  • Download more movies
  • Do 30 day challenges
  • Convince Aunty that the Taiwan boy likes me and I like him back so he’s coming over to Singapore again to marry me


  • Take a looped bus service from Punggol to the Airport and back
  • Visit friends where they work
  • Crash friends’ houses to steal and watch movies
  • Visit the library
  • Sit at a cafe and sew


  • Watch a movie
  • Eat a buffet
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Swimming/Adventure Cove/Wild Wild Wet

Looks like I’ll be staying at home a lot. Pretty settled. If I don’t have any event jobs coming my way, I’d probably be relaxing at home.

Hopefully my complexion would get better.

Can’t wait for the holiday!


Messing around with my phone

So the holidays are here and I’m stuck at home because I don’t exactly have a very vivid social life.

Which only leaves me to gaming,  sadly.

I was so pumped to game today, that I tried playing Dragonica all over again. It didn’t go very well. I didn’t quite like the graphics, probably because I’m too used to Dragon Nest. The jump key wasn’t even on the space key!

I lasted 7 levels and died once.

Up next, I googled games like Final Fantasy. I was looking for a game with good graphics and plot. I found it.

Blade and soul

Oh my cheese. This is like the best game yet. It’s got four races to choose from, and five classes to play. Really nice graphics too.

One problem.

It was on closes beta, for Korea only. There were rumours about a private server, but I couldn’t get into it because of my IP address. I tried proxy, but I could only do so for my browser. ;_;

So I was stuck watching game plays and trailers the entire morning. Pretty damn pathetic, I know. I managed to pull myself out of my pity parade by noon.

By then, I’d already checked all my social networks. Facebook, tumblr, youtube and mangafox. My daily few. Occasionally, I’d check the smosh pit or 9gag but I usually forget.

My eyes were already tired so I shut off my laptop and turned to my other form of social networking on my phone. I checked them all. Twitter, instagram… even FML.

I would have played my candy crush, but I’m so fed up with being stuck at that particular level.

I needed something new. Something to play from scratch. So I entered the app store and discovered Line.

It’s something like whatsapp, except it has its line of games. I started playing two of its games, Line Play and Wind Runner. The graphics is so cute and korean-ish. I couldn’t resist.

In line play, I got to dress an avatar up and decorate my room with stuff. I was like pet society all over again, just that it was on a phone. I could send invitations to my friends so that they could play with me, as well as visit people I didn’t even know. There was also this chatroom, where everyone could come together and just talk about anything under the sun.

No need to ask. I wasted my entire afternoon on that game.

The other game is Wind Runner. Once again, the graphics is really cute and the game is simple. It’s a 2D screen rolling game where you just jump and collect stars, dodging stuff on the way. Simple but really addictive.

When I ran out of energy on both games, I was felt with nothing to do once again, so it was back to the app store. This time, I had this weird itch to play dress up and customize, so I searched for dress up and avatar creation games.

Sadly, there aren’t many good ones. Trust me, I’m a vain gamer so I know.

I managed to find just one. It wasn’t all that good, but it was better than the rest.




I dont even remember the app name because I deleted it after.

I tried to make it look as nice and as close to how I look like. Sadly, I only got the hair colour right. I mean, since I don’t own a tiara, have laced up boots, a bra-top and hair as long as that.

I would have dug for more games but my phone was dying. I wouldn’t blame it, I probably worked it more than a minimum wage factory worker.

So yeah, that was my day. Unproductive as always.

Better let my phone charge in peace.



Back to school

Alright, this is going to be a short one.

This is going to be an update on the first 4 weeks of school.

I sound really unenthusiastic because face it. I really have no reason to be enthusiastic in wasting my life away in a field I’ll never work in.

School’s been a bore with all the breaks in between. I have a 3 hour break on Monday and a massive 4 hour one on Tuesdays. School ends at 1pm on Wednesdays. I have 2 one-hour breaks on Thursdays and there’s COMPROG on Fridays.

I would rant about how I hate every module but I don’t think it’ll make any difference so I’ll just give up at this juncture.

The floodgates of assignments was also opened within the first two weeks of school. Quizzes are next week and I really don’t feel like studying for anything.

Besides procrastinating the success of my currently miserable life, I’ve also started working another job in F&B.

I guess I’m pretty happy with it. It’s the only thing that I look forward to after torturous week at school. Who cares if I wake up early on a Saturday? It beats waking up early any other day of the week.

Sadly, lilRIE, my Dragon Nest Sniper, is stuck at level 49. Pretty pathetic. But I’m at 60% so I’m getting there.

Whilst all the dissatisfaction in my life, I managed to finish watching the whole season 4 of the the Big Bang Theory. I also downloaded tons of albums from torrent and created a Neopets account.

In a few hours time, I’ll be heading out to have a movie and dinner with a close friend. He’s flying back to his homeland after coming to Singapore to studying. Didn’t finish his O levels. Apparently to him, the education system here is amazing. It manages to be aimless and  sought after at the same time.


There goes another person who actually thinks like me. Heads up to those coming to Singapore to studying, yeah?

And so that’s what I’ve been doing these few weeks.

This is my definition of ‘nothing much’. I literally sit around and do nothing.

Oh well.