Flags and Checkpoints


Hello hello from the train towards Farrer Park, Tamper&Co!

Life’s been rather peaceful over here, if not for a few pesky customers, one of which I am tempted to dedicate a post to. It probably isn’t the brightest idea, but I’ll  think thrice about it.


Besides endless cleaning at the cafe thanks to my excessive sense of hygiene, I’ve been gifted reign over Tamper’s tip jar questions and instagram!
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I promise the captions will be entertaining 😉

Moving on and talking about flags…


I’m not sure if I’m cupid of something (that would be very sad) or if I’m hitting all the relationship flags.

Which is kind of ridiculous, since I’d just gotten out of my most recent boiling-over-with-cringe-worthy-instances relation-I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-to-call-it.

Is this a sign? Am I about to meet the one? I really don’t know how to feel about that again, that is if I know how to feel again, especially since one of my friends is(?) going through his initial courting stage and it still looks as agnozing and I remember it to be.


School or whatever is left to do with it wise, it seems like I’m finally graduating. Ah, what a formal way to be kicked out of school, eh? I’ll be graduating on 18 May, which isn’t too far away. All that’s left to do is to actually sign up for it by tomorrow. If I forget, I guess I wouldn’t be showing up to have my matriculation card formally confiscated. Which if you think about it, isn’t to bad.

Honestly, I’m pretty nervous for it (because I guess I should go). I wouldn’t know my classmate’s faces anymore (I couldn’t be bothered to remember) and I don’t know what to do during the day itself. Am I supposed to sit here? Do I get to listen to music? Which student portal do I enter? Am I actually graduating?

This is way too stressful. I didn’t take a module on how to graduate in poly. Do I really have to go back to school just to rent the gown? And 25bucks?!

I guess it’s this school’s last chance to rob me blind. Sigh.


I broke fast very recently and have been in a pretty good mood since. Went out with fast buddy (now turned Nii-san) to have ramen and um, eat some more.



Pardon how vain I really am, it’s just that thanks to my current job, I don’t get to gussy up very often. I wake up too damn early to bother.

And to all the readers who may like me just for my posted pictures, please don’t. It’s all make up. I think tagged photos on Facebook are more accurate. If you can find me on Facebook that is.


While walking around China Square with Nii-san, we came across this board. Took a picture as reference to what I could do for the cafe.


Ended off the day with PIEEE. Actually, we had ramen and went around looking for good pecan pie the rest of the day. Pretty much hiked from Farrer Park MRT to Windowsil Pies before I could sink my teeth into these sweet, sweet pies.

I really missed them. It just carries enough good memories for me to taste the happy on my tongue when I bite into them.

They did change their pecan pie to pumpkin pecan, which was surprisingly good too, except I was looking for something more sticky and sweet. Nonetheless, I would still go back for pumpkin pecan. It’s strangely… comforting. Now I know why grandmothers make pumpkin pie in books.


Back at the cafe I’ve been practicing my milk frothing and pouring because my boss is thinking of sending me for coffee courses (YAYNESS).

Aside from that, I’ve started replaying this Line game called ‘Line: I Love Coffee’, where I run a virtual cafe. That being said, it’s a given that all my friends poked me about it. They say it isn’t counted as an off day if I’m still associating myself with coffee when I’m out and about. Hm.


Speaking of off days, I wish I woke up like this. This picture wasn’t taken on an off day, more of just a short day at work.

I guess the good thing about working full time in F&B is the fact that every scheduled week is a surprise. The downside would probably be the fact that I work 6 days a week slaving away behind a bar. Not that it’s a bad thing, I actually like being behind the bar (Unless it’s a jail cell then I’d rather not). It’s actually quite fulfilling when you see yourself improve.

Anyway, the whole reason why I got that 4hour work day was probably because boss was getting me ready to work a really tiring week of back to back full shifts. You could say I was supposed to go home and rest up. But did I?

Of course not.

Instead, I went all the way out to town to slog away at building my 77dollar limited edition pink crystal (yes, I feel the need to justify myself) Tokyo Skytree for 7hours. Did I feel well rested? Maybe. I did, however, earn myself a ton of satisfaction and a stiff neck.

Ah blah. So today somewhat starts my so-called hell week where I have to push for sales everyday.


Because poor me needs to make a living and practise on her form of art, okay?

I’ll see you guys around!

Working it to Kinect

I like my games, I really do.

But I love my rhythm games, I really, really do. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten my hands on a Kinect to get to Dance Central or Just Dance over the years but just recently, I managed to and for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

I’ve never exactly played with an actual Kinect in my life, only watch Youtube videos on it, just like what I did with the PS4 and the Nintendo DS evolution. I know. My gaming life, as I’d like to call it, is rather pathetic.

WHICH.IS.WHY. Or at least what,

Makes this post so damn important, because it shows my very first experience with a Kinect. That’s right. I’m making history (for myself) over here.

The first video was my very first try at the game, Just Dance (?) and we were so confused but I think we got better in subsequent rounds. I can proudly say that all the songs we played we only played once, meaning the videos filmed was our very first time trying the songs. Not too shabby, I say.

I hope my future self finds this as amusing as I did.


Over again

I would never want to re-meet anyone,

I would never want to go back in time.

Because that would mean reliving my life
And God knows how hard I’ve fought
Just to carry on existing in it.

So I’m sorry,
It’s not that anyone isn’t
Important enough.

I just can’t bare
Torturing myself all over again.

Because I don’t think I’ll make it
Another time round.