Poison Ivy hits EOY’14!


It has finally happened. I managed to cosplay my favourite character of all time.

Poison Ivy

It took me alot of time (and money) to get this suit out but it’s finally out!

I wore it to Cosfest D’Marquee’14 to test out the entire costume to see how it’d fare after long periods of time. It’s a good time I tested it out, because the colours didn’t photograph well under direct sunlight, looking more turquoise than dark green. Other friends also said my costume didn’t scream ‘IVY‘.

2 3 4 5 6 7 1017541_1452665384988022_5029378078200637626_n 10330467_1452665098321384_410956215223224199_n 10354806_1451230871798140_5663542956782193016_n 10430820_1452665418321352_923358022370093489_n 10442336_1452665101654717_6470602802250681734_n 10475994_1452665311654696_2502977541841513749_n 10525873_1452665288321365_1882713340617481894_n

I was dejected for a while, then decided that I could always save the costume some way. That was about 48 hours ago, where I was busy running to town to get ivy vines for the modification.

What modification, you say?



Basically I added ivy vines and a flower. The vines hurt my arms and scratched my stockings but WOW it made a difference to how I looked. Sure, a few people mistook me for another character (one from LoL) but I consoled myself with the fact that there was a LoL booth on site.


1017569_1480226602224399_5940696881570479412_n 10480170_1480226795557713_5304130137511418571_n 10489879_1480226912224368_6947275610986409461_n 10501616_1480226452224414_3556557082860378654_n 10577118_1480226485557744_2771996580362104090_n
For some reason there was this LoL booth there (actually it was just a board) and it toally mislead everyone to think that I was this chick

I don’t really think my costume really looked like her’s, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking I really were her.


There was another wall. A wall more relevant to Poison Ivy. I shall call it,


1 2 3

I found walked by this green wall that I thought was very relevant to my course and cosplay but there was this out of bounds sign all around it so of course I did not heed it’s warning and went over the boundary. Duh.


We made a new friend too 😀

Afterwards, we went over to the fountain area where I’d taken my last Sailor Mars cosplay at to camp and I had a little outdoor shoot, something I was a little nervous about because my costume didn’t photograph well under the sun the last time round. Strangely, I thought it turned out fine.

1 2 34

The colours turned out great, which got me really happy and confused as well. I was under really bright sun after all.

But that’s for the photographers to figure out, not me, so I totally took advantage of the miraculous lighting and-

Sit6 Sit7Sit1 Sit2Sit3 Sit4Sit510556523_1480228078890918_1194558491991668481_n10550899_1480230198890706_2267383480726833696_n10485145_1480228532224206_8558527550795540506_n10305255_1480228895557503_3223944545055465947_n1901423_1480226192224440_2223390664592428639_n12172_1480228072224252_274555427385700968_n

While trying to get into character, this happened:

It was supposed to be something like:

‘Come here, take a rose and sleep forever with Mother Nature.’

But my friend said ‘Why are you trying to reenact that Snow White scene with a rose?

And somehow it turned into-

‘Hey lil’ girl, you want a rose? I swear it doesn’t smell like chloroform.’

Moment. Ruined.

When it got too hot we moved into the sheltered event area to watch this extremely kawaii performance by Nico Nico dancers from Japan and I decided to check out how my costume fared under darker lighting.

10460679_1480226195557773_1748908826770599420_n 10482430_1480229112224148_5889869071503370615_n 10514727_1480229412224118_7778493574214287142_n 10527549_1480227645557628_744442240200322596_n 10544339_1480229185557474_8109671964848139566_n
^A picture of Ashley taking a picture of me taking a picture of myself

We decided to change scenery when I’d psychoed myself that I could move around in my heels again. It was also when I finally met DC/Marvel cosplayers!

10371572_1480228348890891_6534639498943005226_n 10380759_1480233255557067_4235430241256748190_n 10431673_1480233212223738_5016391678098898378_n 10519530_1480227702224289_7732371077512282765_n
^ Random appearance of an online Dragon Nest pal 😀
10576985_1480233178890408_6450058093425781378_n 10580243_1480227685557624_8863345230797642333_n
We also ran into our friends and suddenly I started poking people in very inappropriate places



By the time we finished all this cam whoring, it was 2pm so we went out to the open area where we found automobiles. You know, the ones with Gskins I cant imagine anyone driving out.

10404100_1480229835557409_2502553712529717952_n 10463058_1480229732224086_1987637959863100201_n
^Teaching Ashley how to be smexy

^To be or not to be a rose.


While walking around, I spied this SWAT guy trying to backstab someone with this really pathetic looking bush so I stopped him and tried to teach him the real way of being a ninja.

It didn’t really work out.

So we moved on and bumped into one of Ashley’s friends who had this really huge prop/weapon that he let us play with.

1 2 3 4 5

The prop was really heavy D: So we gave it back to him and were on our way again, this time to the actual barrage to get good photos with the scenery.

1 2
Naturally, I got distracted.
1924336_1480230342224025_5897047818667855481_n 10511065_1480230488890677_3029792901967491093_n
And my friends also commented on how I walk funny in heels. Just so you know, the vines were also pretty itchy, okay D:
The walk up was long (especially in heels) but we finally reached the top.
10389702_1480232218890504_1914094062404259557_n 10403220_1480232192223840_6721284853693382404_n
I also had to walk on tip-toe because my heels kept poking into the grass and made it so hard TWSS for me to walk. Not to mention I felt bad for the grass. #feelbadCherie

In fact, half way I gave up and sat on the grass where we started taking more photos.


11 12 13

Back to the normal stuff.

14 111

Or not so normal stuff.

112 113 114 115 116 117 118 120 121 10526051_1480230828890643_4170551352160582087_n 10590559_1480231008890625_7305821496333548078_n

I actually thought we were done for the top of the barrage then I spotted Another wall. Therefore I must very creatively name the next wall-


1 2 3 10505289_1480232565557136_346735044170545325_n

Originally, I wanted only two pictures from this background but someone asked for a picture so I obliged. It was only after the pictures were taken when my photographer commented that I looked a little wild in the other guy’s pictures. She thought it wasn’t a bad thing, so I thought i’d include it *shrug*

Also, another butt shot. You’re welcome.

After all these shoots, Ashley realized that he/she was running late to another function so he decided to go back from there so we all headed back.

It was pretty early to go, but I never really stayed at a convention for an entire day before, especially if it’s outdoors.

Before I go,

Incoming very random pictures of us doing nothing productive at all. 

1 2 3 10250281_1480232875557105_7390263540775880876_n 10474500_1480232902223769_7953646206486852107_n

Remember to water your plants and I’ll leave you with this.






Hello, hello! Sailor Mars here! I just managed to get all (most) of the pictures collated and I can finally share my experience!



I didn’t want to bring my little cat bag around -I was too lazy- so I didn’t. Instead, I relied on photographers with name cards to take pictures of me for me. It made more sense, if you think about it, they had better resolution plus I wouldn’t have my bag in every picture.

Cedric, the cross dresser from AFA13 came as a last minute Dota character, taking me by surprise LOL.



Lots of things were going on that day. Halfway through, I was pulled up to the second floor of Marina Barrage to take pictures and meet Ashley/Ken’s cosplay club.

At one point of time, I hopped onto a little pillar/thing to try and get a glam shot in my phone but couldn’t get one because my photographer was knocked out of the way by photographers with bigger and better cameras.
I’m not boasting, really.
Standing on that such a small platform-even worst with heels- was no small feat considering my height, which explains why one of hands were resting on Ashley’s head. It wasn’t so much for a pose but for balance.
And Oh lordie, it was hot.

Random photograph I found of us in the shade. I think I’m not to bad with posing for a 3-second-snap.





Mildly suggestive photo.

We got bored of the shade (I don’t know how it happened) so we went out play with water, except we couldn’t even touch it because we had gloves on. But I guess the photographers would take anything because we only got out half an hour later.
I’m a camwhore. I love my picture being taken but not when I feel so warm, my make up could melt off my face and my wig feels like it’s slipping off.


We met Vienna whom we’d also met at AFA13, who was cross-playing as a character that was cross dressing as a girl.

Met a Jedi and had to defend him from random cameramen.

And Noctis, who actually has a nice side view, but I couldn’t get a picture because it would still be weird if you went up to someone and asked to take pictures with their side view, cosplay convention or not.





All of our ships amd fandom being brokem in one picture.



Even Cedric joined in the Yaoi fun hehehe…

On our way out, I even found Cedric’s cos-twin.

And finally a group picture with Ashley’s cosplay club! (:

It was truly and awesome day and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m preparing Psylocke amd Poison Ivy for Cosfest, ComicCon and what not next year. It will be the year of DC and Marvel for me!

Recognize me if you can!