We couldn’t cope.

Because I only saw the good he did for me, ignored the bad and felt only happiness.
While he’d only remembered my tears; of which I remember naught, took the weight on his shoulders and crumbled.

We didn’t last.

Because till this day, I am tormented by feelings I cannot explain due to my carelessness.
While he, saddled with his own distraught, had chosen to disappear from everything we had.


My house is haunted.

You can tell that it’s haunted,
From unfinished suicide notes,
Carved into the paint of the bathroom piping
And messages to no one in particular,
Scribbled under the large marble dining table.

Perhaps it is the sound of skull on concrete walls,
Thumping away at the dead of night.
Or the shallow whimpers we hear coming from the balcony,
When it’s 3am and everyone should be sleeping.

My house is haunted,
Just not by ghosts or
Vengeful spirits laid not to rest,
But by ourselves,

Our pain
Our sorrow
Our frustration
Our regret

Over again

I would never want to re-meet anyone,

I would never want to go back in time.

Because that would mean reliving my life
And God knows how hard I’ve fought
Just to carry on existing in it.

So I’m sorry,
It’s not that anyone isn’t
Important enough.

I just can’t bare
Torturing myself all over again.

Because I don’t think I’ll make it
Another time round.