Thoughts on Stigma now


Is there still a stigma for depression?

Is it still considered a stigma if people romanticise this disorder and conveniently play it off the moment they feel blue or hurt by the littlest things? When suddenly people think it’s cool to be ‘depressed’ like it’s a fucking accessory on your character profile of Dungeons and Dragons.

You people don’t know what it’s like to constantly want to jump or cut or be addicted to your medication. You don’t feel the days you just want to bloody off yourself for no valid reason. You’re just using our disorder as an excuse and easy way out. It’s so insulting, it makes me sick.

Where did the days where people whispered behind our backs about the scars on our wrists go? I’d take people thinking I’d spontaneously whip out a knife to stab them any day.

Depression isn’t something you can just turn on and off at your will. If you want to pretend to be us at least get that part right. It gets tiring, doesn’t it? Nice to know, because that’s how all of us feel like. Indefinitely tired. Tired of feelings, of moving and mostly of life.

Yeah, life was simpler with stigma. At least people left me the fuck alone. Everyone’s just an asshole now.