My house is haunted.

You can tell that it’s haunted,
From unfinished suicide notes,
Carved into the paint of the bathroom piping
And messages to no one in particular,
Scribbled under the large marble dining table.

Perhaps it is the sound of skull on concrete walls,
Thumping away at the dead of night.
Or the shallow whimpers we hear coming from the balcony,
When it’s 3am and everyone should be sleeping.

My house is haunted,
Just not by ghosts or
Vengeful spirits laid not to rest,
But by ourselves,

Our pain
Our sorrow
Our frustration
Our regret

Eating and baking.

Ah the joy food brings me.

I just realized that this section of my blog is pretty dead. No, it’s not because I haven’t been eating. I’ve been saving up!

I have been eating and because I have been eating, I can’t afford to eat anymore. It’s not because I’m getting fat or anything, I’m broke.

Yes, I spend a hell lot on food than on clothes. Hell, I can’t be bothered to buy my own clothes. So you get my point.

I’ve been baking a lot recently. My goal of finishing a bottle of vanilla essence before it expired came true a little earlier than I expected. Now that I’m out of vanilla essence, I’m essentially ‘grounded’ from all activities requiring sugar, butter and flour.

Here’s the few recipes I’ve been trying out though.


I don’t really know what to call it. I wouldn’t say I was actually working on it. It just came to me because I was tired. Very tired and desperately needed something sweet. So I pulled whatever I found around the house. Rice krispies, left over chocolate and marshmallows. That’s exactly what it’s made of. There may be a few additional liquids such as hot fudge and coffee, but it was all good after I shoved it into the oven and let it reduce. What it tasted like?


But it sure woke me up!

Up next,


Red velvet cupcakes!

I loved these. My family loved these. Had to pick up my battle axe to fend them off!

Made them a few times and practically memorized the recipe. Screwed up the frosting a couple times. The sugar didn’t melt well but it still tasted great on toast.

It’s evolution

Not many people know… actually, no one knows but I substituted the cocoa in the cupcakes for milo because that was all I could find in the house. The next time I made them, I bothered to buy cocoa and sort of overdid it abit, resulting in this.


They look deathly don’t they? They also looked much better on instagram. But they were delicious. The chocolate was very rich and the cupcakes were light. Simply delightful.

Additionally, I’d like to blame the food colouring. Red velvet cupcakes call for red food colouring, since I don’t have beet juice nor a chemical reaction. I admit, I was pretty afraid the colour would turn out too dark because of the redness so I stopped adding the colouring. Not to mention, too much colouring could make the cupcake a little bitter.

Overall, a very successful accident on my part!

I quickly got bored of making cupcakes so I tried something else.



These cookies are the love of my life. They are cinnamon-sugar coated vanilla cookies that happen to be chewy, just the way I liked them.

When I baked them, the house smelt heavenly. Simply out of this world glorious. Smelt warm and welcoming for once.

I made a batch to share with my project mates the next day and they were snapped up really fast. Made me really happy (:

Being able to make them, I got cravings for them all the time and soon found myself baking them again.

This time, they turned out like this.


Awesome looking right?!

I decided that since they were chewy, therefore soft to cut into, I could cut them into slices. I’d have made them in cookie form again but I didn’t have an ice cream scoop so all my cookies we in different sizes. Which really pissed me off. So I made them this way, where I could cut them into any size I want. Cookie cutters work too!

Verdict: Probably making them for the next close friend’s birthday. Note to self, ask if they like cinnamon if not it’s the usual chocolate chip cookies.

However, over the course of the month, I’ve been eating more than baking. This also explains why I can’t simply afford an ice cream scoop. Why spend your money when you can eat it? You can’t eat an ice cream scoop now, can you?

Here are pictures some of the food I’ve been eating this past few months.







I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I have a good reason!

I forgot

Yes. Unfortunately, a growling stomach can make my mind go blank. You’re lucky I even have photos of these!

Alrighty, there’s school tomorrow and a birthday to celebrate. Crossing my fingers for good food!

Nights (: