Working it to Kinect

I like my games, I really do.

But I love my rhythm games, I really, really do. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten my hands on a Kinect to get to Dance Central or Just Dance over the years but just recently, I managed to and for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

I’ve never exactly played with an actual Kinect in my life, only watch Youtube videos on it, just like what I did with the PS4 and the Nintendo DS evolution. I know. My gaming life, as I’d like to call it, is rather pathetic.

WHICH.IS.WHY. Or at least what,

Makes this post so damn important, because it shows my very first experience with a Kinect. That’s right. I’m making history (for myself) over here.

The first video was my very first try at the game, Just Dance (?) and we were so confused but I think we got better in subsequent rounds. I can proudly say that all the songs we played we only played once, meaning the videos filmed was our very first time trying the songs. Not too shabby, I say.

I hope my future self finds this as amusing as I did.


Over again

I would never want to re-meet anyone,

I would never want to go back in time.

Because that would mean reliving my life
And God knows how hard I’ve fought
Just to carry on existing in it.

So I’m sorry,
It’s not that anyone isn’t
Important enough.

I just can’t bare
Torturing myself all over again.

Because I don’t think I’ll make it
Another time round.

JANUARY in General

Firstly, I am so ashamed of myself because I was supposed to be tending to this post the entire month but I’m sorry, contrary to my previous post of ‘I wish I could say I was busy’, turns out I really am. Remember how I once told you guys that I’m really forgetful? Welp, turns out I really am and I forgot most of my submission dates so I’d spent majority of my half month rushing them and helping out for my Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Chinese New Year FAQS’14

Another year, another round of the same old questions. Your relatives ask if you’re dating anyone while your cousins ask and wait around for you to get married. It’s the same food, same houses and same shit (well except for the red packets) every year. Don’t you ever get tired of answering the same things over and over again? Especially when you’re like me, picky as hell and forever alone.

So here are my list of CNY FAQS! Honestly, I hope my answers change in time to come, if not, I’m not going to see cool and aloof but pathetic and alone.


Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: No.

Q: Do you want a boyfriend?
A: No.

Q: What happened to Sydney boy?
A: He died.

Q: So do you like anyone right now?
A: No / I may tell you about Bus stop boy if I like you enough.

Q: So right now you’re in what again?
A: Poly, Temasek. It’s in Tamppines.

Q: What are you studying?
A: Green Building and Sustainability

Q: And it’s a…?
A: Engineering.

Q: How is school?
A: Like that lor.

Q: When are you graduating?
A: Soon enough.

Q: So I hear you get cheaper concession now.
A: Yes, it’s great, thank you.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: An Editor.

Q: Why can’t I touch your phone?
A: Porn.

Q: Wanna play cards?
A: The minimum bet is two bucks.

Q: What are you going to do with your life?
A: I don’t know but somewhere down the line the answer is 42.

Q: Have you eaten?
A: I am sitting at the dining table.

Q: Why are you making an FAQ?
A: Because people need to start asking me more creative questions.

What is your list of CNY FAQS? Make one and link me over in the comments section!

Cheers! I mean,

Huat ah!