Here comes and extremely long overdue post that I will over ride with pictures.

So, about a month back (a whole month) I cosplayed as Psylocke for Atom Comics at The Cathay. It was a helluva lot of fun and I took so many pictures with people my head spun.


We even had Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers, who really were just friends from the shop.

P.S, I love her corset.


Not forgetting photography students looking to submit pictures for their assignments helped take pictures! Altogether a win-win.


It started out relatively slow at first and not many people walked in at 2pm so I ran around the mall taking pictures with, well, everything.


People did ask about the scar on my leg and nothing felt cooler than telling them it was a battle scar from fighting. You know, because I had to be in character and stuff.


Then Spidey came and stole all my thunder because The Amazing Spiderman 2 just came out in cinemas. Everyone went mad when they saw him. A few even screamed LOL.

DSC_0017_2 DSC_0020_3

Behold, I have no ass.


Pardon all these ‘same-face’ pictures. I’m not Nicki Minaj, I don’t have a hundred and one expression. I probably wouldn’t look good in three quarters of them.

DSC_0022_2 DSC_0023_3 DSC_0024_2 DSC_0025_3

After awhile it started getting pretty crowded so I had to get out of the shop.

DSC_0026_2 DSC_0027_2

But not before….

DSC_0028_3 DSC_0029_1   DSC_0032_2

And this, my friends, is the owner of Atom Comics. Very nice…


Sometimes very douche-y. But still getting the girls 😛


I haven’t forgotten to mention that this Spidey is an amazing cosplayer, have I?

DSC_0036_2 DSC_0037_2

After walking afew rounds round the mall, we went back up and the shop was more crowded than before so…


We decided to play around with a white background beside the shop to entertain ourselves and…

DSC_0039_2 DSC_0040_3

Attract attention.

DSC_0043 DSC_0044_1

Besides stealing my thunder, Spidey also stole all the girls.


I’m not the only one looking at that ass, right?

DSC_0047_1 DSC_0048_2  DSC_0050_2 DSC_0051_1

Eventually all the shop’s cosplayers arrived! So we cam-whored

DSC_0052_2 DSC_0053_3 DSC_0054_1 DSC_0055_2

And people joined us.


Oh and Spidey did this really cool jump shot.


Then photobombed my picture with my babe, Cheryl.


Since there was a similar event going on downstairs and it was crowded there as well, we moved out into the open to take more pictures and attract more attention.

DSC_0061_1 DSC_0062_2 DSC_0063_2

And I got these really pretty pictures taken 😀

DSC_0064_3 DSC_0065_4

Cheryl and Wonder Woman 😀


And a rather candid shot.


Then a Guardians of the Galaxy spoof.

DSC_0068_4  DSC_0070_3

We got tired and sat down for some waffles and ice cream.


And it was back to cam-whoring!

DSC_0073_2 DSC_0076_3

Yet another pretty picture :>


Bruce came down to tell us to go back up. I mean, look how angry he looks. Trying to pick a fight with superheros of all people.

I kid.

He was just wondering where we were.


On my way back to the store or out of the sun, I attempted to seduce Batman. I don’t think it worked tho…


So we decided to just go crazy and take photos with each other as well as the other event’s cosplayers! 😛

DSC_0082_1 DSC_0083_1 DSC_0084_2 DSC_0085_1 DSC_0086_2

Helloooooo, Ironman 😉

DSC_0087_1 DSC_0088_1 DSC_0089_2 DSC_0090_1 DSC_0091_1 DSC_0092_1 DSC_0093_2 DSC_0094_2 DSC_0095_3 DSC_0096_2 DSC_0097_1 DSC_0098_2 DSC_0099_1


DSC_0100_2 DSC_0101_2 DSC_0102_2 DSC_0103_2 DSC_0104_2 DSC_0105_2 DSC_0106_2 DSC_0107_2 DSC_0108_2 DSC_0109_2 DSC_0110_2 DSC_0111_1  DSC_0114_2 DSC_0115_2 DSC_0116_2

My Godbrother passed by too 😀


5 hours of standing later, I finally sat down and God help me, if that doesn’t look like I’m fully content, I don’t know what it looks like.


But I still had to stand up for more pictures.

DSC_0119_2 DSC_0120_2

At the end of the day, my friend Kyle, who had been helping out the entire day was down and out.



While Bruce’s mom was nice enough to buy me strawberry jam marshmellows!

There are a few adjustments I’d like to make for Psylocke, mainly for her obvious purple hair. I’m working on it! In the meantime, she wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be making an appearance till AFA’14, when I finally get her sorted out.