Ready, Get Set, SPLURGE.

So I’ve been feeling a little down these past few days and decided I needed a good cheer up. This is one of the things I do when my semester is going to end and I’m preparing to go back to part-time work.

I splurge.

Somehow for the past year or so, I’ve gotten into this bad habit . School would wear me out so much that I’d get so tired and depressed, I need to spend my stress away. Last semester, I signed two packages immediately after my mains were over, costing me a whooping SGD1.2k and forcing me to work my butt off during my long holiday. Well, this month was a little different. This month, I splurged-just not as much-.

Splurging came early this time round. I actually bought my loots at the beginning of the month but was far too guilty to write anything because I felt like such an undisciplined brat who didn’t know how to manage her money. I caved. I get it.

This post has also been queued, because I couldn’t wait to write about my shopping spree either.

I suck. I know.



I started out big, buying a white gold chain and rose gold with blue topaz(my birth-stone) pendant. The chain and pendant were sold separately so you can imagine the hole it burned in my pocket. Why all of the sudden? I’ve never been the type to go crazy over jewelry, I still am not. It’s just that I’ve always wanted my own pieces of gold to wear. It made me feel more… ladylike? More like a woman. A lady should always have her own jewelry. At least that’s what I feel, and I finally have it! So pleased with myself.


Random Outfit of the day picture.

Fun fact, this was the outfit I was going to wear to when I was supposed to meet the mysterious Taiwan Boy my dad hoped I would like (in other words, like enough to marry in time for a September wedding). He couldn’t come to Singapore because of his university exams. Not fated. More good news for me, I guess. I’m no where near ready.


I did my nails too. Decided to go for a white on teal french tip. My manicurist then didn’t exactly do a good job. The tips are already starting to chip so I might need to go back there again soon.

When I have the time. Because you know, I’m an office lady and all that jazz.



What else is in your bag, Cherie? Or should I say, shopping bag. The above picture was taken in a Bose flagship store at Millenia Walk. It was then that I decided I needed a pair of headphones. The headphones and earpieces people bought for me just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that people buy me things I like or have interest in, it’s just that I have certain preferences towards my gadgets and would rather get them myself.

Here’s an unlisted video of the unboxing of my Marshalls Headphones. I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while now and am elated that I can finally get my hands on it.

I attempted to video the unboxing like those Japanese popping cooking videos, where there is no one talking and all you hear is the unwrapping and opening of wrappers and tapping of cardboard on a table. I get some weird sort of satisfaction of all that. I also noticed that the video kind of cuts off at the end. Originally, this video was meant to be uploaded onto Instagram as  an Instavideo but I accidentally deleted it and Instagram doesn’t allow me to re-upload the video because ‘video format is not supported’.

What is this nonsense?


Alrighty, better get going.

Part-time job, here I come again!


The Random and Miscellaneous

Welcome to another one of my posts that screams ‘I don’t know where to put this picture on my blog and it’ll be such a waste to simply delete it’.


Here’s picture number one. This is Tian Hao. I call him werewolf because he calls me Bella, simply because he thinks I’m expressionless just like Kristen Stewart in Twilight. 

When I went back to school to return some equipment, we went out of lunch. A sushi buffet, actually. We ate equal amounts until he became a competitive jerk-off and started eating one plate more than me just so that he could say he ate more in the buffet. I for one, am very competitive as well. Plus I had a pretty bottomless stomach so I might as well take advantage of it.

What happened next was pretty epic.

He started stealling sushi off my sushi plate (the sushi came in pairs) and claiming he was now winning by half a plate of sushi, which infuriated me more. I mean, who steals sushi in a sushi buffet?! It’s like stealing a balloon and free balloon day.

We started picking up plate after plate, effectively traumatising the aunties beside us and on looking staff. Suddenly,I don’t know how he did it but he stole yet another sushi from me.

Trying to steal a piece of sushi off his plate, I spilled water all other the table while he spilled sauce trying to get away. Now that I think about it, I feel a little bad for the clean up staff.

In the end, we decided to just tie with each other and stop our nonsense. All this after 25 plates of sushi. Each or combined? You be the judge of that.

It didn’t end there, though I really wished it did. When the restaurant gave us our complementary ice cream(not because we won anything for being such gluttons), he grabbed mine AND LICKED IT. 


He thought I wouldn’t eat it and he would win because technically, he would have eaten more but oh if he thought I was going down so easy, he’d have to think twice.

I finished the ice cream and we left the mall. I was half expecting him to pull a plate out of his jacket but I could’ve been paranoid.

After resisting the urge to hurl on our bus ride back to school, we agreed that our spontaneous competition ended in a tie.

For real this time.


Isn’t it funny how I managed to get my first photograph with santa in the middle of the year? I know, right!
I saw him on the train of all places. He told me it was so hot out, no wonder the ice bergs were melting. Gosh I love the guy already.




I also went out with my friend again! While taking photos, I found this interesting(if not I’m just really slow) angle to take photos, making it look like those hair or facial commercials. Oh look! Outfit of the day!


At work, my supervisor and I wore the same heels to work. It’s from different shops so it looks a little different but over all, it was pretty much the same. xD

And yeahhh that’s about it for this episode of ‘What the hell do I do with these pictures’.

Look through my phone in again in a while!


Some people collect seashells, stamps or stickers.

I on the other hand, collect shirts. No just any shirts. Thoses I ♥ (insert country) shirts.

No, it’s not because I travel a lot. In fact, I’ve only ever been on a plane once (to New Zealand) and countless boat trips to Malaysia. Yet for all these places I have actually been to, I have never bought a shirt that said ‘I ♥ New Zealand’ or ‘I ♥ Malaysia’. Funny, huh. I don’t have ‘I ♥ Singapore’ either.






All these shirts are bought from the country itself!

You see, my sister flies and she’s always buying souvenirs back for us. Mine would be requested. A shirt that says I ♥ (country name). I’m working up quite a collection and it’s fun to ask people to read your shirt everytime they tease you about not showering. I did. It’s a different tee shirt and you just didn’t notice.

Anyways, I’m still collecting the shirts. Not quite sure how I’m going to post everything. Maybe I’ll just update this post (because I’m so lazy).

Off to read a book a got from the library!


CNY Visiting, eating and catching up


Chinese new year is somewhat over and you know what that means?

Actually I’m not too sure either, I just have a lot of pictures to show you guys 😛

A few places I went were my family’s (duh) and my friends’ (new this year!). I also did a lot of gambling this year. Super huat. Even then floor gave me a red packet.

Alas, every chinese new year is the same to me. I visit the same houses and wish people the same greetings in chinese.

But this year I have pictures! 😀



Reunion dinner! No, it wasn’t a steamboat.


Snacks we weren’t allowed to touch until the next day. 😡


^ big sis and I 😀


^ with my brother-in-law. Since they are married, I got to recieve red packets from them this year hehehe.




^ selfie season!



^ dad gets his picture taken too! Was aiming for the uber sexy look but I pretty evidently failed. Lol.



^ second sister and my second brother in law. They actually made me formally present them with oranges just so that they could take this picture!



But hey, I love her still.









I visited my friend this year too! A first for me. Managed to meet up with friends from secondary school again! We had a lot of catching up and teasing to do :}

And lastly, here’s a picture of cutie pie, baby Reina! I didn’t manage to get a picture of her in her ‘ang pao’ dress. I got there a little too late. She had changed by then. This is the best I managed.


Ain’t she adorable? She’s a little terror though.

Alrighty.  It’s getting late.

I’ve got tests to study for ,school to go to and a bucket list to fulfill (new page! Go check out my progress!)

See ya!


Picture sorting

My phone is running low on memory. This has never happened to me before. I always though 8GB of memory was enough for me. I was wrong. Very wrong. I only noticed this when I was trying to take a video of a couple of ants fighting and my phone cut the video off telling me I had no enough memory! After that, I couldn’t download pictures from whatsapp groups or take more photos ):

I’ve been sorting my pictures out but these are the random few I can’t categorize. It’s mostly my camwhore photos and very overdue photos that never had enough quantity for me to write about. So I’m just gonna dump them all here since I need something to blog about and two, I don’t have anything to do with the pictures anyway.


This was everything I fit into my pencil box at the start of the last semester.

Drew something up while I was bored in school.

Caption: If only we could filter our feelings.

Oh gosh. I did this in my first year, first semester of poly. I never felt so fulfilled in my life. To me, wires are a man’s job, not a woman’s! Sorry for being so damn feminist, I just really hate the idea of wiring things up like this. I even have a video for this.

Here’s a very retarded clip of how easily amused I am:

Pictures taken while I was in the library studying for my mains. I was studying for long, high on chocolate and already had two cups of coffee. It would have been a miracle if I wasn’t easily distracted. Plus the lighting was good and I’m a girl so don’t blame me.

Just something I found in a Cleo magazine about a year and a half back. Also taken in year one, semester one of my poly.

This is JiaEn. She came to visit me on my second last day of my mains. Isn’t she sweet (:

Then there’s me. Playing with my hair. Always been playing with my hair. BECAUSE I APPRECIATE MY LONG HAIR OKAY? I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE SHORT HAIR YOU CAN’T TIE OR DO SHIT WITH. Like pretend you have a mustache or something.

This is Constance, my extremely cute-one-of-the-only-little-cousins-I-can-stand-without-trying-to-strangle/kill/stab-him/her cousin. I took this photo a good two years back.

Here’s another one.


A happy dad.

^ 2nd visiting outfit

Random picture taken with a picture at work.

Retarded shades I bought a really long time a while ago which I brought to work because I was going to film Gangnam style afterwards. I didn’t manage to film it cause there were too many people hence no enough space.

Messing around. Imitating pictures.

Camwhore: Taken in Malaysia, Pengarang. 

Camwhore: Taken in some lab.

The day sisi got her SIA make up colour.

Played with lip liner for the first time in my life. It’s the hardest thing to scrub off your lips, I swear. If you don’t get everything off, you end up looking like you bit a cow and didn’t wash your mouth.

Was at Compass Point library with Momo after dinner. I’m sorry man. This is what these cut outs are for and you’re never too old to take pictures with one of these!

Hair that I tied for breakfast. Yes, I do tie my hair for breakfast. It’s no fun eating breakfast with your hair in your face you know. It’s good to keep the curls in as well.

Camwhore shots I took at East Coast Park while slacking near the bicycle rental and waiting for my boss to get there. The lighting was good. My hair was decent. So why not?

Don’t ask.

Celebrated my friend’s birthday quite a while back.

Was at Subway’s one-for-one-sub event with my office buddies for lunch (:

At Coldstone, Orchard Central. First time I wore gloss. I’m serious.

Finally! A recent photo! Taken not long ago, when I went to Bugis street on a mission to come out looking totally different! That’s Marvyn by the way!

Till this day, I’m not sure if this jacket is red or orange. I really hope it’s red. I actually have it in two colours (don’t ask why), red and purple, but I like the red one more. I think it’s more comfy.

Designed my FAM’s tee shirt.

Two photos taken on the same day. What was I thinking. Must have been in a very good mood.

Attempting to be artistic. Wanted to sketch this in black and white but had always been to lazy to do so.

I really, really like that pair of shorts. And that shirt. Love the shirt.

Was at Udders, Serangoon Garden with sisi. She had a scoop of earl grey and a green tea.

Something I found written on my table in tutorial. Cracked me up.

From the picture spam in this post, I hereby conclude that:

I obviously have a favourite shirt.

I have a lot of self shots I don’t show the world/people.

I need to upload my photos religiously and not spend 2 hours of my life doing so.

Yup that’s about it.

Okay. More photos to come. Stay tuned people!