Just to feel better
What do we need?

Do we need someone who
Knew us since forever?

Or do we need someone who knows
Nothing about us at all.


Love him

I loved him.
I probably still do.

It’s kind of pathetic.

I know because when I’m tipsy
I don’t think of him.
Instead I wonder if I should be.

And I when I’m going,
Going gone.
The pain keeps me sober.

Tumblr Spam of July!

This month has been a huge heart attack. Tiring but pretty dang fun. I’ve taken up a new lifestyle! It’s creatively named : Project Healthy. Which is cool, seeing that I barely move while I’m in the office. 

I even did my nails and started a new notebook of which I affectionately named Hopeless Romantic. All because everything written inside are cheesy conversations between a couple in my head or angsty comebacks. Witty ones too. Gah. I refuse to admit I bought the book because it looked nice and I really wanted to try out this new pen I bought. 

Anyways, Tumblr has been pretty positive this month, which is a good thing. Good to know my followers are happy and July has been good to them. 

With that said, let the spam begin. 

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Sod the idea of ‘Love’.

What is love, what is infatuation?
Infatuation is the one that makes your heart beat fast.
Infatuation is the butterflies in your stomach.

But what is love?
Love is the chemical reactions in your head,
The one you confuse with romance.

Love is a drug.
It gets you high; leave you dry.
Latches on to you,
Never leaving you.

Love is like depression.
It creeps up on you,
Sucks you in and eats you,
Whole and alive.

Love is glorified depression.

The only way to run away from love,
Is to completely push it away.

Love doesn’t exist.
Love is a lie.
Love is man-made.

So sod love.
Let’s say the word so many times it loses it’s meaning.
In hopes that one day,

It will have no effect on us.