Comfort Food I Can’t Afford

I’ve been so stressed at work that I’m so sad to report that one of the only reliefs in my life is looking at well taken pictures on my Tumblr and Instagram. For Instagram it’s worst because I follow a doughnut place from Melbourne and salivate over whatever my other friends are eating. At least I have my other branch friends to suffer half an hour lunch breaks with me )’:

If you feel hungry after this post, I’m not even sorry.

Tumblr Food

I thought it was that time of the month again (which is anytime I want it to be) to post pictures of food that I want to make and eat, but cannot have.

Without further ado, drool with me.

So many pictures, I’m not too sure what I’m craving for right now. They all look so good ):


How I torture myself at night

Tumblr’s been bustling with great pictures and gifs of food recently and I simply cannot resist keeping the good ones here.

More towards the title of this post, I’m trying to tone up and get fit enough for my cosplays this year. This means eating healthily and working out as much as possible.


This puts baking all my favourite goodies at a once every two weeks or so basis. ):

So here I am looking through my ‘Likes’ folder on Tumblr. Here are the ones I have liked!


Organizing my Heart



Thanks for the memories, dear.

But it doesn’t change the fact that thanks to you,

You see,

When we were together, we never seem to sleep. It was only until you left that ‘I’m tired’ became my answer to everything.

I thought it was fine; Perfectly normal. And now, 

There is a terrible emptiness in me, an indifference that hurts.

Most of the time cutting was trail and error. After all,

Or in my case, where to cut.

Oh love,

I wanted  it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.

But you hurt so terribly that

Just to cope with the pain.

You see-

But still


If I have a kid, he/she MUST turn out like that. There is no in between.

I’ve probably been on this topic alot since I’ve advanced into aunt-hood, but let’s talk about it again. Let’s talk about children.

Yes, those pesky literal squirts that look like aliens when they are first born and grow into miniatures of their parents with the sole intent of shoving anything and everything into their mouths. Personally, I like them. I like pinching them, I like carrying them. I’m just not too fond of baby farts, diaper changing and oh my God, do you know how heavy they get in the first few month? My biceps can’t keep up.

As the only unmarried and unattached child of my father (for now I hope), I tend to get teased alot for being single. Let’s not get to the point that I’ve been single my entire life -I’m not even kidding- and it’s probably because of all the teasing that the notion of having a kid has actually popped into my mind and stayed there for a good week. 

I’m talking about skipping the entire boyfriend deal, marriage scam and over-exaggerated sex and simply popping a mini-me out. 

I’ve thought about it and wouldn’t it be a sweet deal?

I don’t run the risk of cheating husbands, naggy mother-in-laws and possibly marriage debt. Plus I get the cutest little thing out of everything. Very much like a Pokemon, where you get to train and equip with skills like piano lessons and ballet class.

I’d probably spend time teaching them everything. From their languages,

How to socialize with other human spawns,

My kind of hygiene,

How to manage anger,


How to do laundry,

I could even be a sports mom

So you see, I wouldn’t be that bad a mom. I’d be the fracking coolest of them all.