My Life is Over

This post is exactly as the title states. My life is most definitely over, not that I managed to live a good one anyway.

By life I do mean playing all day and skipping all lectures, doing things I can only do while I’m in school such as not sleeping, doing homework and gaming all day. Now, I barely have any of the above and am scarcely clinging onto my gaming life.




With all that said, I have somehow completed the first part of job training with the above folks. I’m not sure how I did it but I’m here now, a rather good example of time waits for no one and will run you over if you decide to idle away, especially if you decide to get in its way (such as get a time constraint job).









I’m so blessed to always run into awesome people in my life, people who expose me to new cultures and lifestyles; people who convince me that there are so many ways to live life and that no matter where and who you are, you can end up anywhere.

And as much as I hated all the theory and exam based training, I’m so damn glad I made it through without quitting half way all thanks to these lovely people who were always patient with me.


Turns out that failing one General Insurance paper and still pressing on has been worth it after all because after training, I’ll be posted to night banking, which means I get to wake up late. Not to mention my location is really near to my house.

That is, of course, till I get transfered to a branch a little further sometime next year but I’ll enjoy what I have now!


Within the month I got ‘shipped’ or paired with someone in office so this was a mandatory picture. I guess.


Best part is that on my actual first day at work, manager let us off super early and we went off on our merry way for a really long lunch before officially dispersing into our respective branches the next week.

Branch attachment is this month! I hope I make it out alive and learn lots!!!

Cheers to no more life!


Hey guys, how has it been. I know, I’ve been MIA for a long-ish while but I’ve a good reason for it.

As much as my mother doesn’t know and my father suspect, I’ve actually officially started working, or more like drawing a full time job’s salary while training.

Yeap, I got the job.
Questions regarding whether I miss studying/school or not… I’m not sure which is worst at the moment.

I knew this job was going to be hard for me. I thought long and hard after I got the call back and had sleepless nights over it but I signed it anyway. Why? Because I probably wouldn’t be able to find a better paying job with my current level of education and contribute to the household expenses.

By the time it was a week before orientation, I was in my worst and lowest of moods. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and I was dreading my time before work started. Not to mention, I’d to take two external papers to qualify for my position and had failed one of the two. Demoralization weighed on me like nothing else.


Training kicked off with orientation, talking about the company and core values before we started interacting with each other. I was so relieved when I saw two people who sat for the external exams on the same day as me at my table. Thankfully they recognized me (as the headphones girl) and we were friends in no time.

The stressful part only came when our trainers introduced themselves to us. Telling us our duties and risks if we didn’t process documents well, highlighting punctuality, grooming and the ever so dreaded three strike rule.


Being late for even a minute in the morning could result in my termination. No kidding. No one believes me when I tell them that. This means I have to take the first shuttle bus (Thank God) at 7.30am. To get there in time to be somewhere in the queue, I have to wake up at 6am to start preparing. Yeap, I wake up at 6 in the morning now. I never knew my life would come to this.


I wear make up now. Or at least I know how to. According to my job scope, I have to wear make up. Eyeliner, foundation, blusher and lipstick is mandatory in no particular order. To make things worst, my faces gets so oily even in an air conditioned training room because I don’t have any primer. It’s the worst feeling ever and I’m slowly bending the rules by skipping eyeshadow (do that I can rub my eyelids) and eyeliner (not that it matters because I have inward double eyelids that make me look mono-lidded) just so that I can wipe my tears when I yawn and possibly oil off my face without having it look like Mulan spilled tea all over my face.

Recently, I’ve even started skipping blusher since I’m being teased and paired up with this one guy who sits beside me in class. Apparently, I blush easily. Which is new.

Hair wise, it has to be up in a bun which is okay until it starts giving you splitting headaches after lunch (of all times) and affecting your studies.

Three strike rule:
Perhaps what is stressing me out the most would be this. Basically, three chances to not get yourself fired. In a way, your future is in your hands but at the same time, it depends on the traffic in the morning and your ability to cram as much info in your brain within 8 hours.

How it works: 
Besides the possibility of being terminated for being late three times on any account during training, you have three tries to retake tests, which seems pretty damn reasonable until I tell you that you have a test almost everyday and even though it’s on whatever you’ve learnt about for the day, you have to consider the fact that everyday you will be learning something entirely new to you (especially if you have no banking experience) every single waking moment of your trainee life.

Oh, and the passing mark is 75% for 15-30MCQ questions.

So far, I’ve failed two tests on my first try but passed it on my second attempt. Phew.

Major Mug-fest:
I swear to God, I’ve never mugged so hard and consistently in my life.

Wtf is a pre-read?
Wtf are notes?

I thought those were things of the past (though I’ve never bothered pre-reading anything ever). Apparently it’s a make or break when it comes to passing tests at the end of the day. Something I learnt the hard way when I brought the wrong set of notes back to work (I tried pre-reading) and ended up failing the test. Bye-bye, best trainee.

You can imagine my daily routine to be like so:
Rushing to work:

Starting Class:
Not Understanding Anything In Class:

Tea Break:
Back to Class:
Back to Class:

Tea Break:

Hands On:


After Test:

And repeat.

Yeap, that’s my life now.

Kinda prefers being on the stupid list,

Eco-Office Presentation Ceremony 2014

So… I’m really late posting this up because this kind of happened last month (LOL) but I was too busy to post anything. Honestly, I’ve been too busy to do anything at all but that’s for another post altogether.

Funny sorry, I actually had more pictures than this in my phone but I accidentally deleted them before I uploaded everything onto wordpress so now I’m left with these few. 😦

Oh well. For memory’s sake, I guess.

Fatima DSC_1012 DSC_0966 DSC_0912 DSC_0900 DSC_0889 wpid-img-20140320-wa0028.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0020.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0017.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0016.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0013.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0012.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0011.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0010.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0009.jpg wpid-img-20140320-wa0006.jpg


We had a running joke going on that the corporate tee made us all look like nurse, cleaners, ITE students (me) and carpark attendants.

Like if you agree 😡

12 Days of Hell to go

So my other colleague/friend finished her contract recently and after she left my life at work has gone something like

Mainly because my workload has practically doubled since she left. I had to take over her and help doesn’t come in till after I leave. So technically I’m working the load of two people right now. Well, three because she was working the load of two before she left. GDI, SYAFFY. WHY LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE?! I KNOW YOU CAN READ THIS, COME BACK.


Afew things off my head that I an list that I have to do daily (or I will never finish):

  • Mail merge and
  • Data logging for above merge
  • Survey form keying
  • Certificate and letter generation for my assigned department
  • Certificate and letter generation for another department
  • Printing of Certificate and Letter for both departments
  • Packing of to-be-mailed-out letters and certificates
  • Fabrication of FB tips weekly

Let’s just say I’m already struggling with the survey form part and I have random stuff thrown at me almost everyday. Things like calling companies up and collateral counting, etc. The calling part is a bitch, really.

Funny thing, I kinda saw all this coming but still I’m like

I mean I knew my workload was gonna get bad but not this bad. It’s so horrible that the first day she left, I had three people come to me to ask me to do said random stuff while they could clearly see that I was busy rushing survey forms. I had to sit there being all polite and when they left I was all

Caption: Okay, I’m fucked.

Honestly, I’m so tempted to pull something like

But I’d probably get fired and not paid. Plus my name wouldn’t exactly be good in the environmental sector. A.K.A my sector.

So all that I can to do now is just

It may look funny, but really it’s not. :\
Oh well, 12 days of work to go before my contract is finally up.


I’m working I swear


I’m back and am currently typing this at work because I currently am procrastinating on calling people when it’s so close to lunch. All I ever remember doing during my part time job is calling people. It started with 10 people on the first day, 50 on the second and 100 the next. NOW, I have to call people back for both me and my other colleague because she had to go back to school for her Final Year Project (FYP).

I hate calling people so much, I don’t even know where to start but here’s a pretty accurate adaptation of how I feel half way through calling.

And FYI, I did get poked by a pencil like that.

I threw the pencil away but my thumb still hurts.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what I’m actually doing here, meaning I don’t actually have a fixed job. Most of the time I help my supervisor (because that’s my actual job scope stated in my contract) but other departments mobilize me (E.g Calling people all day.) to help them with stuff. It’s probably because they’re more familiar with me (you know being an intern here before and all), so it’s easier to ask. Kind of makes me feel like everyone’s little bitch, though it’s better than dying of boredom and rotting into my chair.

In social life news, I’ve been making new friends everytime I go to the comic store. Good friends, nice friends, friends who speak languages I don’t understand and new friends who make me feel weird around them. Which is a first. I’ve never exactly felt weird around people. It could be a sign that he may be my long lost brother who was cast out because he wasn’t awesome enough.

NAW. Not even close. No way.

Nevertheless, I’ve been having fun after work as I try my best not to step on any tails. For one, some people don’t like their heads pat and for another, being told what to do. The hair part, I understand, just not the latter. How else are you going to work if you aren’t going to let people tell you what to do? /bitter
Well, unless you set up your own company, then I’ll have nothing to say.


I’ve also been thinking about my love life. I don’t exactly have one for obvious reasons if you read earlier into my blog. But people are starting to ask me why and are speculating if I’m lying about never having one. How can someone with a mind as dirty as mine have no boyfriend (ever)? *gasp* She must be lesbian.

But I’m not, okay. God knows I love dick too much. Just not in the way most people intend it for.

Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks

  • Pro: Their dicks

I hate to say this, but someone’s been pissing me off a lot and I can’t put my finger on why, I just feel like

Yes. This picture would be a very accurate depiction of how I feel towards him.
I admit, it could very well be my problem because his actions clashes with what I believe in, but I’ve never felt so repulsed in my life. Then again I may or may not have been a bitch to him. But whatever.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.

Sigh. My life has been so boring since I started work. It could be because of my period and I’m practically bleeding out but NO.
My feelings do not rule me! Yeah right.

Here’s a gif I found on tumblr. I’m off to fiddle with Photoshop and call more people.