Working it to Kinect

I like my games, I really do.

But I love my rhythm games, I really, really do. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten my hands on a Kinect to get to Dance Central or Just Dance over the years but just recently, I managed to and for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

I’ve never exactly played with an actual Kinect in my life, only watch Youtube videos on it, just like what I did with the PS4 and the Nintendo DS evolution. I know. My gaming life, as I’d like to call it, is rather pathetic.

WHICH.IS.WHY. Or at least what,

Makes this post so damn important, because it shows my very first experience with a Kinect. That’s right. I’m making history (for myself) over here.

The first video was my very first try at the game, Just Dance (?) and we were so confused but I think we got better in subsequent rounds. I can proudly say that all the songs we played we only played once, meaning the videos filmed was our very first time trying the songs. Not too shabby, I say.

I hope my future self finds this as amusing as I did.


Jubeat Breaks Nails

This post is dedicated to GIVIALICE, an online friend I’ve known since the beginning of my AuditionSEA life. She was the one who asked me to film myself playing Evans after tagging me in a video with a player achieving a full combo for it.

Did I get a full combo? I wish, but I did promise I’d try and even though this is so long overdue, here it is.

See, Givi? That’s 3 videos! Aren’t you touched. 😛 I even broke a few nails for you so you better feel special because breaking nails hurt, okay.

Sorry I’m not pro but I deserve at least a gold star for trying, right? 😀

Love ya kay,

Daniel Kim

I’m running a fever right now. I feel like shit. All hot and cold all over. But then I found this guy and he makes me feel a tad bit better. (Was listening to mash ups)

Nothing much to say, really. I just this song alot. I like the cover alot. I like him alot.

I blushed when I watched this video.

I bet he sings the panties off his girlfriend because if he isn’t doing it yet then he should really get on with it.

Off to go get waterproof UNO cards. Leaving work early. I can’t stand being cooped up at my desk, need to walk this fever off.


The Koala Ball Challenge

Exams are around the corner and of course I am finding as many ways as possible to not study. It’s not healthy, I know, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Study hard play hard, you know?

Anyways, during Valentine’s Day, I went visiting to my friend’s house since it also happened to be the last day of Chinese New Year. After dinner and few games of some charades smartphone game, my friend pulled out 6 boxes of Lotte Koala cookies and asked us to do the Koala Ball Challenge.

The Koala Ball Challenge: 

You are to supposed to shake the box of koala biscuits 5000 times and all the bite sized biscuits will turn into a large chocoball.
My friends and I couldn’t be bothered to count so we decided to just shake the thing for 30minutes, which really is no joke I tell you.

Our Koala Ball Challenge:

I am a little ashamed as to how amazed at how the biscuits turned into balls. I mean, I for one should have expected it since God knows I love making biscuit bases so much because it’s so much easier than cutting butter into flour and blind baking it. At least I can say these were genuine reactions.

And that we are very easily amused, entertained and dazzled. Even by a chocolate ball.

My Koala Ball Challenge:

My friends didn’t like the Koala biscuits very much but I personally thought it wasn’t bad. Given, it would never compare to Hello Panda, but I would totally go for it if Hello Pandas aren’t available. Not exactly sure of the odds of something like that happening, but oh well.

I did my challenge with the strawberry flavoured biscuits the second time round just to test the flavor. I probably shouldn’t have shaken the box for 30minutes straight. It was over-shaken and the cream was everywhere in the plastic packaging. It started feeling like a ball at the 15minute mark so I’m guessing that’s where I hit the 5000th shake?

Hello Panda Ball Alternative: 


Sorry, I meant to do this challenge (Tomorrow, I’d said in the video. /rollseyes I don’t know why I overestimate myself.) but I got caught in the exam study week cram and excuses, excuses.

Honestly, I kinda got lazy to do it. I had the Hello Panda ready to be shaken but then I remembered how much nicer Hello Pandas tasted when you popped it into the fridge and ate it while the cream inside was solid-ish. So that’s what I did and now I have no Hello Panda, I’m too lazy to go down to the mart to buy another and I’m busy studying for exams.

Now look where my procrastination and stomach has gotten me.

So I apologize to my future self for being such a lazy piece of shit because now we will never know if it’s possible to shake Hello Panda till it turns into a ball. I’m sorry.

Let’s just hope there’s still Hello Panda when I’m 30, alone and bored or something. I mean, there’s still white rabbit sweets now. OMG. Don’t jinx it!

OKAY, MOVING ON. Now everyone knows how long this post has been in my drafts.

Wish me all the best for my exams because I’m really nervous over it.

Will she get off the stupid list?

Maple Story Vloging?

So two days after I’d written about Jubeat and mentioned the handwork I put into my studies (as well as semi-promise a post on my school work), I am writing about another long time game that I play, which is MapleStory. Well done, Cherie. Pat on the back, Cherie.

Settle down now, I haven’t been playing Maplestory, in fact, I doubt I’d go back to playing it anytime soon (if not at all), but I do keep tabs and run rain checks on the game. For example,

  • What’s the new patch about?
  • Any new hairstyles?
  • New cash items?
  • New job classes?

Recently (or maybe not), the level cap has gone up to 250 and the famous MrYaNdAo is no more the top mapler. Instead, it’s this guy called ‘PerfectLogic’. Aye, the guy who came up with the ultimate level rushing and expensive guide infamously known as, ‘The PerfectNight Guide’. Here’s a video of him proving that his method works on his Xenon.

After watching this I felt pretty demoralized because I’ve been on Maple Story for a good 6 years, and do I have a level 200?

Mainly because I have no determination whatsoever.

Okay, so it may have been the lack of cash. Or that my equipment kept exploding on me when I tried scrolling them. Evidently, I am very easily deterred.

Any-who, my god-brother showed me his videos on a long (and not so lonely) bus ride and ever since, I have been so amused by him, I can’t stop rewatching his videos.

You’d think that someone who spends so much time on a game would have no life whatsoever but guess what? This guy actually managed to make pretty decent videos and me laugh out loud on the the bus. He talks about scamming, how to be successful in maple without using money as well as help calculate ridiculous time frames to illustrate how long it would take for everyone to reach level 250. His latest Q&A was hilarious too.

He’s also pretty damn awesome because he’s a/the high(est) ranking player who actually has time to make and edit videos just to talk to us internet people. Here are a few videos of his Vlogs:

Many people thinks he’s a hacker but you have to give him some credit. Just because he can ‘down’ chaos Zakum in 19 seconds (I know, sounds ridiculous even when I say it, right?) doesn’t mean he’s automatically a hacker. Don’t forget, he has multiple level 200 accounts. Out of all that time he’s spent on Maplestory, he’s bound to have a good amount of cash saved up in there, right? Let’s not forget, his other accounts aren’t too shabby either, and he spends a hell load on @Cash in game.

Don’t even start with calling him lifeless, he does other things like attempt to socialize with us internet people through YouTube. And the above point supports my stand in what way again…?

Let’s not forget how he’s so calm about everything. So chill. Like ‘Lol alright, you think I’m a hacker, whatever.’ then goes back to being extremely zen. Nothing like those irritating megaphone-wars squirts.


Alright, I’m off to rewatch a few of his videos and for the record, I just finished my C-COM Major Project report!

Cherie (: