The Bucket List

1) Go backpacking

2) Confess to a crush in the most cliche way possible

3) Visit Sydney

4) Ride pillion

5) Write a book

6) Ride a horse

7) Wear a bikini in public

8) Wear a wig to school/internship/work

9) Bake a rainbow cake

10) Get a tattoo

11) Be kissed under a mistletoe

12) Learn an entire K-pop dance

13) Take a plane without family

14) Spend a month in Britain

15) Do the Despicable Me acapella with a group of friends

16) Buy a professional oven

17) Take care of a kitten, cradle to grave

18) Sleep under the stars

19) Busk on the streets

20) Own a pet Raven or Crow

21) Become a wedding dress model

22) Wear a knitted hat out in public

23) Make my therapist cry 

24) Melt crayons on canvas

25) Let go of a floating lantern

26) Successfully make macaroons

27) Find that person that can set my skin on fire

28) Kiss in the rain

29) Take pictures in a photo booth

30) Randomly ask for a cute guy’s number

31) Go kite flying

32) Learn how to roller blade

33) Smile at someone cute

34) Make a snow angel

35) Do the Cinnamon Challenge

36) Wear high-cut boots (like to my knees)

37) Prank call someone I’m not close to at all

38) Be kissed on a Ferris wheel

39) Make my own cinnamon rolls

40) Give out free hugs

41) Duck tape someone to a wall/ceiling

42) Give 100 compliments in a day

43) Flip the bird at someone I don’t even know 

44) Tell someone I like his beard in a club

45) Work for a magazine

46) Sell something I made myself 

47) Record a cover

48) Sleepover at a friend’s place

49) Walk into a sex shop

50) Buy a camera

51) Learn to pole dance

52) IPL for underarms

53) IPL for legs

54) Go to Japan to see the sakura blossoms

55) Make a scrap book card

56) Finish an entire eraser without losing it

57) Ride a mechanical bull

58) Touch a guy’s abs

59) Watch 2 girls 1 cup and finish a whole mars bar

60) Go to vocal school

61) Buy a Kindle

62) Buy my own jewelry

63) Be able to throw tidbits in the air and catch it with my mouth

2 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. If Run Devil Run or Gangnam Style are counted, then you’ve done 12, right? Oh 36 sounds difficult cuz your legs are looooooooooong. 40 sounds cool, though: I want a free hug ❤ 41 too. I personally volunteer. 59 just sounds gross beyond words D: Oh the horror!!! If an i-phone counts as apple product then you've had one a while back, right? Cool list. Can't wait to see how it works out.

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